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The Best Teacher Conferences
by z1ggy in Careers & Job Searching
With so many teacher conferences in the United States, it becomes hard to sort through the wheat and the chaff. Finding a conference that will provide you with a learning and networking environment that makes it worth your time can be difficult. There are some excellent teaching conferences put together by some of the best educator associations in the country. These conferences, named by Education

How to Plan Conferences
by sReas in Business
Planning a successful conference can be challenging and rewarding. While planning a conference, consider major factors such as the right time, the right place, the right people, the right leader and the right program content. Time is of the essence. According to Robin E. Craven, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meeting and Event Planning," "A conference will necessitate planning well befor
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Information on Web Conferences
by Naveen in Business
A Web conference is an approach to holding meetings using the Internet to link participants in different locations. Participants can take part in a Web conference using a personal computer, laptop or other mobile device with an Internet connection and a telephone. During the conference, participants can hold a discussion in the same way as they would during a teleconference. They can also view doc

Skype Three-Way Conferences on a Mac
by Vlad Sirenko in Computers
Skype three-way conferences are useful for business conference calls and for friends and family who want to communicate simultaneously. A three-way Skype chat can be held with a voice chat or a group video chat. Using your Mac, a voice chat can have up to 25 members and a video chat can have up to 10 members. Start a Three-Way Voice ChatSign in to your Skype account. Click "File" and then "New

What Conferences Have TV Networks?
by vi edit in Sports & Fitness
The Big Ten Conference and the Mountain West Conference are the only college athletic conferences with their own television networks. However, many other conferences have deals with existing television networks to televise some of their games -- sometimes a large number of their games -- but none except the Big Ten and the Mountain West operated their own networks entering the 2010-11 academic yea

Join two conferences in asterisk
by Bobblegate in Programming Languages

I want to join two conferences (confbridge).
Suppose there is a conference room c1 and then there is another conf room c2, now i want that participant of c1 can also join participants of c2 but the condition is that c1 participant don't have to leave their room.

How can I implement this using confbridge and asterisk?

How to Plan Leadership Conferences
by Justin Chen in Careers & Job Searching
Coordinating any type of conference can be an intimidating task, but a leadership conference can be especially daunting if you aren't thoroughly prepared. There are a number of elements to consider when making preparations for your leadership conference. The key to successfully planning an effective and rewarding leadership for your participants is to begin the planning process as early as possibl

Criminal Justice Conferences in the USA
by dantino in Legal
Criminal justice seminars and conferences are a way for lawyers, legal support staff, administration, court systems, law enforcement officials, judges and other individuals involved in criminal law to learn about pertinent cases, statutes and other relevant information. Conferences are held regionally, statewide and countrywide, depending on the types of statutes and cases discussed, and can also

Group Art Activities for Conferences
by NoTine42 in Business
Many corporate organizations participate in team-building exercises to help unify their employees. Some organizations put together a day or afternoon worth of fun and insight, but there are also projects that can be implemented without outside intervention. Art projects carry the benefit of self-expression, and will allow employees a chance to work together in a low-stress, creative environment.

How to Plan Educational Conferences
by Igal in Business
Educational conferences are designed to facilitate learning and the sharing of ideas amongst professionals in a specific field. Conferences can be held at a convention center, university, school or church. The prerequisite is that the location be able to accommodate the number of people expected to attend, for seating as well as parking. If you plan to break out into smaller discussion groups, a

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