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how to find which libraries to link to? or, how can I create *-config (such as sdl-config, llvm-config)?
by Uppsala9496 in Development Tools & Services

I want to write a program that outputs a list of libraries that I should link to given source code (or object) files (for C or C++ programs).

In *nix, there are useful tools such as sdl-config and llvm-config. But, I want my program to work on Windows, too.


get-library-names -l /path/to/lib a.cpp b.cpp c.cpp d.obj

Then, ge

How to determine if a config section or element is loaded from app.config or machine.config?
by eroi in Programming Languages

I am loading the bindings section from configuration like so

var bingingsSection = BindingsSection.GetSection(ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None));

How can I determine if the configuration elements loaded came from the local application config file or if they came from the machine.config?

Play / SBT / com.typesafe.Config - Excluding the bundled com.typesafe.Config 0.2.1 classes and using the updated 0.4.1 Config
by Dave Lievense in Web Design

I have a an sbt multiproject (sbt 0.11.3) where one of the sub-projects is a PlayProject using play sbt-plugin 2.0.1) and another is my application logic. My application needs to use 0.4.1 version of com.typesafe.Config but I believe the play plugin seems to embed an older version 0.2.1 which causes a conflict when I perform a dist (create a jar) where one of the new methods does not exist in 0

Change file name <AssemblyName.exe.config> to <App.Config> for output directory in Visual Studio
by Aaviel in Programming Languages

I have a C# project and an App.Config file in this project. When i build the source code, a file (AssemblyName.exe.config) is created in the output directory for the application configuration but i want the name of this file App.Config. How can i do that?

Perl ExtUtils::MakeMaker, how to install an external config (static config for project)?
by jfraser in Programming Languages

I writing distribution package of my perl-program and I need to 'make install' command copy file e.g. conf/my.conf to /usr/local/etc/my.conf.
Which parameter should I use in WriteMakefile?


In a Rails project, we put all constants definition in config/environment.rb and more particular ones in config/environments/development.rb?
by Martin Koch in Web Design

Is that the usual convention? The more general constants in config/environment.rb, and more particular ones, such as HOST_NAME for development mode
in config/environments/development.rb as localhost:3000, in config/environments/production.rb as www.mygreatwebsite.com, and they will automatically get included int

Read custom config setting from config file of application deployed on Azure
by facebook-opengraph in Programming Languages

I would like to read custom setting which i have done in ServiceConfiguration.cscfg & ServiceDefinition.csdef and want to read that setting by code in C#.

For that i created REST call to get deployment as per mentioned on msdn link

In that xml response configuration is 64 base encoded string, i think my custom setting lies within there (correct me if i am wrong!), if

Multiple jpa:repositories in xml config, how to configure with @EnableJPARepositories using Spring java config?
by Mark in Java

I have researched and found an explaination and sample code as to how to use spring data jpa with multiple datasources which refers to configuring multiple jpa:repositories in the xml configuration as follows:

<jpa:repositories base-package="org.springframework.data.jpa.repository.sample"

How to handle web.config content's update event? How to detect that web.config has changed?
by algoRhythm99 in Programming Languages

How to handle web.config content's update event? I mean not for administrator purposes (wmi etc) but for programming - I need recalculate some data inside the web service in case configuration parameter has changed.

There are no any suitable events in the WebConfigurationManager, ConfigurationManager, Configuration, ConfigurationSection, SectionInformation... So where to dig for t

How do I use Visual Studio 2010 config transforms for the applicationSettings section of the web.config?
by Meghan54 in Programming Languages

I just upgraded to Visual Studio 2010, and I am playing around with the Config transforms option for web application projects. I see in the example file how to change the connection strings, but I want to change settings in the applicationSettings (Not appsettings) section. I have not been able to find any information on this.

I tried the following which worked, but I thought there

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