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Prestashop CMS configration
by StereoPixel in Programming Languages

Hi I'm totally new to Prestashop and installing it first time can any one tell me What is mcrypt in Prestashop?

cakephp Configration on ubuntu
by mikk in Programming Languages

I am using CakePHP with Ubuntu, I tried to config cakephp with ubuntu, but I found this error:

Error: [MissingControllerException] Controller class ImgController
could not be found.

#0 /var/www/app/webroot/index.php(96): Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse))

Has anyone who found a solution for this error?

How to add one more dtd to my Spring configration file?
by Naxxy in Web Design

I have use a .dtd to my applicationContext.xml, but now i want to use Spring's AOP based on annotation. I've been told to add a in my applicationContext.xml.

<!DOCTYPE beans PUBLIC "-//SPRING//DTD BEAN//EN" "http://www.springframework.org/dtd/spring-beans.dtd">
<aop:aspectj-autoproxy />

But something wrong hap

Error in the core plot configration
by wcf in Mobile Programming

I'm trying to use CorePlot for an iOS application, I followed the instructions here.
But even if the CorePlot-CocoaTouch.h file exists (CorePlot/CorePlotHeaders), the build failed saying:

error: CorePlot-CocoaTouch.h: No such file or directory

proper handling AlertDialog when configration change
by Janko in Programming Languages

I saw many solution to maintain AlertDialog and most of them doesn't work probably when screen dim down. but this which i made works fine is there any other light weight way to do that , I want to use it inside Fragment from ACL .

public class Test extends Activity {
AlertDialog dialog;
boolean dialog_should_be_shown = fa

cron command with server configration not working at all
by seigel in Programming Languages

I have created following command line to run cron job after every 2minutes

2 * * * * php -f /home/u260451427/public_html/cron/cron_sms_sending_queue.php

my sever configuration look something like that

but its not working.

Cannot acess configration link from admin side in drupal 7.15
by micaleel in Web Design

I am new to drupal i am trying to configure a gallery module from configuration link from admin but i cannot access that link i got a blank page which shows nothing is that any cache problem in drupal 7 if any please tell me .Please tell me how it happen thanks in advance..

Remote textview not changed by widget configration activity android
by Insert_Nickname in Android

I am making a widget for notepad and I am able to grab the title of notes from the database but now the only problem is I want to change the layout of the widget i.e the text in the layout.I have a listview in my configuration activity and when I click on a item the text in that item should become the text of textView in Widget.Now I am able to get that data for text but I am not able to set i

java.lang.illegalStateException during performing Search using Android Search Configration
by Jason Lin in Android

I am trying to implement search in my android app. I have followed the step as suggested by the tutorials to make search possible. I have implemented search with a button.As soon as I press the button,not always but sometimes my Logcat show this error and application stops.This doesnot happen always but sometimes,I dont know why this happening as if this is an issue than the error should showup

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