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Content Manager configuration snap-in “Could not read configuration item”
by Summerfun in Web Design

I am on a Tridion 2011 SP1 CM server and I’m trying to start the SDL Tridion Content Manager configuration MMC snap-in.

I get the following error:

Could not read configuration item. Modification of this item is not
available on this machine. Account has no permission to access the
protected configuration section 'tridion.security'. Contact

In Xcode, is it possible to reuse intermedian objects from i386 configuration where building with universal configuration?
by Switzerland in Development Tools & Services

My application should be built as both of x86 and universal(x86 & x86_64) versions. As a result, every source file, says file A, must be compiled three times:

As i386, when building with the x86 configuration
As i386, when building with universal configuration
As x86, when building with universal configuration

Since A has already be compiled as i386 when building

iPhone app can find nib file when running in Debug configuration but not in Release configuration
by Jeeebus in Development Tools & Services

I have developed an iPhone app using the navigation controller structure. The active SDK is set to iPhone Simulator 3.1.2 (Base SDK). When the Active Configuration is set to Debug, it works. However, when the Active Configuration is set to Release, the app crashes when it tries to load the second view controller. Here is error message:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NS

Changing the configuration store location for the OSGi Configuration Admin service?
by jihe in Programming Languages

Is there a way to change the configuration store location for the OSGi Configuration Admin service? I'd like to have the properties files exist in another bundle so they'd exist in source control & in the deployment rather than the OSGi store.

Configuration System Failed to Initialize/Unrecognized configuration section <SectionName>
by Tommy in Programming Languages

I debug below code in a newly installed desktop. It is simple to check my environment.
I have searched the error via internet, but no answer can fix my problem. I guess maybe it is caused by file system permission.

static void Main(string[] args)
string test = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["aaa"].ToString();

How do I separate configuration for maven command line mojo invocation from global plugin configuration?
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

I'm using the cargo plugin to deploy my app to a remote server during the build. To do this, I have a configuration element for the cargo plugin. Since there are two executions that use this single configuration, I use a global configuration element, i.e. it's not inside the executions.

I also want to execute a CLI invocation of the cargo:run mojo on this pom. However, I don't

Outlook 2010 Addin works when built in Debug configuration but does not work in Release configuration
by davidg in Programming Languages

I've built, installed and used an Outlook Addin successfully that was built in Debug configuration, but when I change to Release configuration and rebuild, the install still works, but when I open Outlook the addin is not loaded.

I open Options Addins and my addin appears Disabled. I try to enable it but it won't work.

How do I see what is stopping the addin from loadi

Borland Starteam: How to re -check-in a file from a frozen labeled configuration to current configuration with history
by unfool in Programming Languages

Borland Starteam: How to re -check-in a file from a frozen labeled configuration to current configuration with history?

configuration for library in configuration manager in visual studio 2010 work incorrent if we press F5 for debug
by TheVrolok in Programming Languages

I have a visual studio 2010 premium. And I have one exe and few library. I have a few configuration(DebugMyDebug). I add to new symbols(MyDebug) in conditional compilation symbols for library projects for new configuration(MyDebug). In configuration manager for MyDebug configuration I have library projects with MyDebug configuration. When I build solution I have next build output:


Prestashop configuration.inc.php file /* Load all configuration keys */ problem
by boomhower in Programming Languages

I am trying to get my site uploaded to my host and have been getting this
error when navigating to the domain url.

"Invalid loadConfiguration() SQL query!"

I believe the problem is the configuration.inc.php file the following part in particular

/* Load all configuration keys */

I am a newb and have

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