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Discussion board in Sharepoint 2013 throws :Save Conflict. Your changes conflict with those made concurrently by another user
by PokerGuy in Programming Languages

I am trying to create a discussion item in SharePoint 2013 discussion board and I got following:

error "Save Conflict. Your changes conflict with those made
concurrently by another user. If you want your changes to be applied,
click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and resubmit your
changes". When i try to modified the column and try to update the i

JQuery plug-in conflict - combine scripts without conflict?
by cheese_doodle in Coding

I've searched high & low for a solution to this but can't figure it out. I'm a javascript noob so I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I really appreciate any help you can give.

Anyway, I have two jquery plug-ins running on a page. One is Isotope and the other is Fancybox. They both work fine separately but together, when images are clicked and Fancybox activates, the images

Conflict of Duty Versus Conflict of Interest
by Wilson Mar in Legal
In business, ideally all parties are fairly represented, with those in power not having ethical dilemmas or putting their interests ahead of others. In reality, business constantly results in problematic conflicts of interests or conflicts of duty. People sometimes confuse these two terms because they both involve an inability to act in the best interest of someone else, but the two terms are dist

Task Conflict Vs. Relationship Conflict
by Max Derov in Business
Conflict is a noticeable disagreement among employees or groups of employees. Depending on the situation, management may need to take different steps to resolve conflict. Sometimes this might be simple, like asking a frustrated employee to take a personal moment. Understanding the different forms of workplace conflict can make it easier to identify and resolve. Task ConflictTask conflict, also

Constructive Conflict & Destructive Conflict
by Vinicios in Culture & Society
Conflict need not be disruptive. It can be constructive when it helps the group identify itself, its strengths and weaknesses. Constructive conflict occurs when conflict becomes cathartic. Destructive conflict often destroys the group. It is driven by fear and, quite often, the desire for power. It cares nothing for the group, only for the individual and its aggressive tendencies. FeaturesThe a

Fix JQuery-1.4.1 and json-2.0 conflict in json.parse regex conflict with “$” character
by Vick Aita in Web Design

After upgrading to jquery 1.4.1 i noticed there was an error anytime i tried calling json.parse. The issue is part of the regex used in json. it uses a $ in the pattern that conflicts with JQuery's $ shortcut.

I don't want to use the non-conflict option with jquery because i have tons of places i'd have to replace the $ with the new corrected shortcut.

Is there a way to

jQuery no conflict conflict with jQuery scripts?
by Itchrelief in Programming Languages

If you import a javascript file that calls jQuery.noConflict(), will that cause errors with scripts you made that depend on jQuery's $ shortcut?

ASP.NET MVC - when SRP and DRY appear to conflict
by Pepe Araya in Programming Languages

My simplest ASP.NET MVC 2 controllers make calls to my service layer and map view models to entities using AutoMapper. Everything looks fantastic and there is no repeated code.

However, when I get into scenarios where I have similar behavior I have trouble balancing Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) with Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY). An example of this might be the need to add/

How is this a conflict
by Daniel in Development Tools & Services

i'm just testing git to find out if i could use it for my work. I ran into a problem that seems small but could become a real one with the real code.
My file looks like:
I've a local branch "branch1" and commited changes in both branch and master.
In master i changed the first line in the branch the second.
So the dif

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How to Fix an IRQ Conflict With a NIC
by BeeBoop in Computers
Interrupt Request (IRQ) channels set priorities for devices on your computer to interrupt the processor's state. Each device needs its own IRQ channel, so if a device has the same IRQ channel as your network interface card (NIC), your Windows system may crash. You can manually change the NIC to a different IRQ channel to fix the issue. This process is accomplished in "Device Manager."Difficulty:Mo
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