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How to Fix IRQ Conflicts
Category : Computers
An IRQ conflict prohibits you from being able to use your computer's serial or parallel ports within Device Manager. An IRQ conflict, short for Interrupt Request, occurs when multiple devices have been accidentally assigned to the same port or i/o address during the Power On Self-Test. These devices that use IRQ's include disk drives, keyboards, scanners or any other USB devices. Fortunately, you

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How to trace conflicts in IE9?
Category : Web Design

I have a web page where the footer is showing on top of the page only in IE9: http://goo.gl/XnSNJ

There is no JavaScript error, so I am not sure what it can be. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to debug or fix this?

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Possible conflicts between Lua C++ bindings
Category : C & C++ & C#

I am currently working on a project. One library I would like to consider using in the future uses ToLua++ as a method of binding Lua. Currently, the library I am looking at is CEGUI, and it uses ToLua++. I am currently considering using LuaBind for the implementation in the project I'm working on. I was wondering if anyone would have any insight as to if that would cause clashes and break thin

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PHP - function name conflicts
Category : Web Design

so I'm using Wordpress, which loads the theme and possibly many plugins which can have functions with the same names as the ones in the theme.

How can I avoid function name conflicts between the theme and plugins, without having to rename them to something like "theme_function()"?

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How to get over Homebrew Git conflicts?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I installed Homebrew. "brew --prefix" is /usr/local. I've now mistakenly done things to the master branch of my local Brew Git repo that endlessly conflict with "brew update". I'd like to throw away or ignore my local changes. Normally I'd just rm -rf repo and re-clone, but I don't think rm -rf /usr/local is wise.

How do make my local Brew Git repo happy?

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Managing CSS conflicts
Category : Web Design

So i am working with a few CSS developers and every now and then we run into layout issues which have been fixed previously because one of the css developer did something which conflicted with something else.

We are already using SVN .. each CSS guy has his own css file he works with. So my question is what steps should be taken to minimize:

1 : layout conflicts

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Name conflicts with _FilterDatabase
Category : Programming Languages

I'm getting a "Name conflicts" dialog box after I try to run my Powershell script the second time on the same file. I know that this error has something to do with me autofiltering the file. If I never use autofiter, then the dialog box won't show. What am I doing wrong? Here's the code:

$excel = new-object -comobject excel.application
$excel.DisplayAlerts = $false

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GetHashCode conflicts
Category : Programming Languages

I know it's not very smart to use HashCode as a unique identifier,

but let's say I have two variables on the same HashCode is the only way I can get them,

how can I tell the difference?

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SCOPE_IDENTITY() id's conflicts
Category : Databases

I have a 3 tables UniversityReg, SupporterReg & Login. If university or supporter register with the system, always general details goes to their table & login details goes to Login table. In here I use scope_identity.

I'm getting error when I go to save supporter reg details.



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gcc -g conflicts with -fPIC?
Category : Web Design

Tested under CentOS 5.1 g++ 4.1.2 and 4.6.3 and 4.7.0, they all produce same results. How do I solve this? Basically I can't build llvm with Debug build.

[hidden]$ cat x.cpp
#include <iostream>
int main() {
[hidden]$ g++ -c -fPIC -g x.cpp
[hidden]$ objdump -r x.o | grep R_X86_64_32 | head -10
000000000000001c R_X86_64_32 .debug_fram

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