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Can my website *safely* allow logins via Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, OpenID, *and* etc?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Is it possible for a website to allow users to log in via multiple different methods, like Facebook Connect, OpenID, etc?

Not referring to simultaneous logins of the same user, but wondering if it's possible to have multiple "SSO" options.

Is there a side-effect of a user with credentials at, say, OpenID and Facebook logging in as both, with separate session information

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GKSession doesn't connect to wifi when multiple devices tries to connect to host device
Category : Mobile Programming

i am trying to connect multiple devices to a host device via gamekit but i am able to connect two devices and i am able to send data to those two devices but when i connect more number of devices ,,the data doesn't get transferred . in Output console it shows "BTM: attaching to BTServer" and tries to connect it through bluetooth i want the device to connect to wifi.. I am trying to connect atle

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Cannot find module 'connect', when attempting to use require('connect').utils.parseCookie with nodejs
Category : Coding

I am relatively new to nodejs etc. Anyway I have a program that I am attempting to write that uses a session/authentication system based on this one here:
Which is heavily based off this one i think (except updated for more recent versions)

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Cannot connect to SQL Server database using pymssql but can connect using underlying freetds tsql
Category : Databases

I have no idea why I am getting this error and cannot find any solutions for it. I can connect to a SQL Server database using freetds tsql but I keep getting an error when connecting using pymssql.connect.

The specific error is:

pymssql.OperationalError: (18456, "Login failed for user 'xxx'.DB-Lib error message 18456, severity 14:
General SQL Serv

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Connect failed :IO::Socket::INET: connect: timeout is showing up in Perl .
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have wriiten this script to send mail through gmail smtp to my gmail account . It is not working and giving the already mentioned error ?

use Net::SMTP::TLS;
my $mailer = new Net::SMTP::TLS(
Hello => 'smtp.gmail.com',
Port => 587,
User => 'cetranger@gmail.com',

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Confusing PDO-only problem : Can't connect through socket/Access denied/Can't connect to server (shared host)
Category : Programming Languages

So the problem changed from what it was, i'll leave the original question below to prevent bad reviews on answers like I had after someone editing his question I answered :

So I am working on a (really lame) shared hosting which has PDO installed, but it doesn't work.
With default parameters

try {
$dbh = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname

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facebook connect: thumbnail images broken up in FB.Connect.streamPublish pop-up prompt, and on wall for a few minutes
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using facebook connect so that users can publish comments they are leaving on my site on their facebook wall as well.

It works as intended, except that in the confirmation pop up, the thumbnail image i provide is broken. Looking at the source, I can see that facebook prepended my image url like this:

from: http://www.mysite.com/path/to/my/image.jpg


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ERROR 1429 : Unable to connect to foreign data source: Can't connect to MySQL server
Category : Databases

While i am using 'FEDERATED' Engine to sync with remote server, i am getting this following error.

ERROR 1429 : Unable to connect to foreign data source: Can't connect to MySQL server

Source Database version: mysql 5.5
Remote Database version: mysql 5.6 (Enterprise edition)

port # : 3306


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Facebook Connect How to get userId after sign in from face book connect
Category : Development Tools & Services

i am using facebook connect it is working fine but what i want now is i want to get the information of the currently logged in user. like name, email etc. I am working in asp.net 2.0

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Facebook connect ifUserConnected() does not work - FB.Connect is undefined error
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to integrate Facebook connect to my website. The login button appears and i'm able to login. The profile picture and the name is displayed properly. However when I try adding the code FB.Connect.ifUserConnected, I get a error message saying FB.Connect is not defined.

This is what I'm doing

<div id="fb-root">
<script src="http

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