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Connecting to Remote Server Database through view or synonym causes all queries to return all rows, but connecting to table does not, why?
Category : Databases

So here the scneario.

We have a database of read only records that contains about 3 million rows. This database is used by all of our application databases for data lookup.

We placed this database on a new server and used a synonym to point to it in the local database. The synonym was pointing to a view on the remote server. This allowed us to update these 3 million rows

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Connecting to local sql server in vb.net - Error Connecting and difference between Local and Commercial?
Category : VB & VBnet

I am a developer building websites in VB.Net using Visual Studio 2010. I am trying to populate some fields when a user visits a website based on their decisions on a previous screen.

My connection information is as follows:

Dim myDataReader As SqlDataReader
Dim myConnection As SqlConnection
Dim myCommand As SqlCommand
Dim strSQL As String

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Connecting MS SQL using PHP
Category : PHP

I have been asked to connect to a MS SQL server through PHP. Can someone point me to a good tutorial that walks through the steps. and also can you recommend which MS SQL version i should download

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Connecting C++ to C#
Category : C & C++ & C#

I've been writing a program in C++ and noticed there is a library in C# that someone else wrote that I would like to link in to my code.... but I'm not sure how to do that. Can someone suggest something? Doubt this matters, but I'm using Windows 7 with MSVC2010.

Thanks in advance!

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NT SQL Connecting
Category : Programming Languages

how can i connect win nt sqlexpress?
i am using this code to connect.it works with any version and kind of sql.

internal string GetConnectionString()
return "Data Source=" + "MyPCSQLExpress" +
";Initial Catalog=Master;User ID=" + username +
";Password=" + password;

when connectiong with

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.NET connecting with RDP
Category : Programming Languages

I want to connect to a remote desktop connection to a specified server/username from c#.

I have found:
a AxMSTSCLib dll should be referenced to the solution.
I don't want to download this dll from anywhere as I'm not sure if I can trust it.

However it also says:
"After research on the web

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qt GUI connecting
Category : Programming Languages

I am just starting out with QT. I have read through some tutorials, and I think I have an understanding of signals and slots. I am writing a GUI that has various buttons that change the state of my main program. So for example in a drawing app, you would pick different drawing tools (using various buttons).

What is the best way to go about this? My first thought was to try to connec

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Connecting to IRC
Category : Programming Languages

I'm looking to write an IRC client in C, the trouble is I'm a bit of an IRC noob and I don't know exactly how IRC servers accept connections.

My English isn't too good, would someone be able to show me some pseudocode for an IRC connection?

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Connecting to SSH/RDP/VNC through one box?
Category : Web Design

I am asked to come up with a solution for connection to ssh, vnc and rdp services in company firewall/proxy via one box on DMZ.

The task is to get users to connect to this one box and then to the service they would like to connect to.

The solution should be open source where possible?

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Connecting to DB2 through PHP
Category : PHP

I'm trying to connect to a DB2 databse from a windows machine using XAMPP.

When I try to load the php_ibm_db2 module I get the following error

"PHP Startup: ibm_db2: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20060613
PHP compiled with module API=20090626
These options need to match"

How do I fix this and connect to a db2 da

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