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Output/Log Console.Read & Console.Write from a Console application to a TXT/XML File C#
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in C & C++ & C#

I have a Console application (C#) that interacts with the User, and every step is shown via Console.Writeline.

Now I wanted to write these events to XML or TXT, and my only guess was to create a List and add all the Console.Writelines to it, but then I noticed that logging the Console.Readline is mandatory, and that's the reason I'm asking this question.

How do I log Con

(Console.BufferHeight) I can't see/scroll to see all the console output with Console.WriteLine
by mhedberg in Programming Languages

When I run this code, the number at the top of the output window is 99701. Why don't I get to see all the way through 1? I actually see all the numbers getting outputted, but on the console window, I can only SCROLL high enough to see 99701 (I'm guessing). I'm using Visual C# express on Vista Home. :D

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
Flush the console screen with special unicode class workaround for windows console
by Andrés León Álvarez in Programming Languages

I"m trying to make a simple text progress bar in windows console and also display utf8 characters.

The problem isn't that the unicode characters won't display, they will.
It's that in order to make the unicode characters display I used a class to tell sys.stdout what to do. This has interfered with the normal flush() function.

How can I get this flush() funcionality

Execute console applications without creating a new console window flickering on the screen (C++, Windows)
by Milander in Programming Languages

I'm writing a windows application and I needs to run some console applications from it and get their output. I tried two different approaches:

1) Using _popen(command, "rt")
2) Creating a child process with redirected output (CreateProcess(), CreatePipe())

They both work but during the execution of some command a new console window is created and it's very unpleasan

ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping
by Patastroph in Development Tools & Services

I am doing a mini project using pojos & servlets . I have created a war. and placed in
jboss-4.0.5.GAserverdefaultdeploy directory. I use log4j for logging . I have removed log4j from WEB-INFlib before creating war. when I start Jboss i get

ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping

what to do with this .

Netduino no “Console.WriteLine”, Console does not exist in current context
by NAM TRON in Programming Languages

I cannot seem to get my very simple netduino program to write to the debug console; VS throws an error

The name 'Console' does not exist in the current context

Any ideas what might cause it to not exist?

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT;

Rails console vs MySQL console - Counting rows in a huge table
by Geoffrey De Smet in Databases

I'd like to show a graph on how many records a table has, for the last 30 days. I'm going to do a rake task that I will run each day from a cron job.

I just made a test, and I found a weird "issue".
I ran this code in the Rails console:

#=> (57135.2ms) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `seen_episodes`

I then tested this in the M

Nice implementations of Console.WriteTable(DataTable), Console.WriteList(LIst)
by Bateluer in Programming Languages

Are there any implementations to display nicely table or list data in c# console app like say in PowerShell?
Upd. Maybe third side or any?

Alternatives to Console.Writeline() for printing debug information from a console application?
by Naxxy in Programming Languages

I have a C# console application. It is gathering info from several data sources and centralising them in another. Occasionally, it hits some bugs - connection strings stop working; schemas change etc.

At the moment, I am simply printing out debug information using Console.WriteLine(); - this is obviously an awful idea...not least because the application is a scheduled t

Difference in state in Console App between Console.Readline() and setting a break point
by frogger9 in Programming Languages

The following code behaves strange and I try to understand why:

EmbeddableDocumentStore db = new EmbeddableDocumentStore();
db.DataDirectory = @"C:Google DriveTradingFrameworkRavenDatabase";
db.UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true;
bool halt = true;
Console.WriteLine("Read to try ser

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