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What Is a CTR Consultant?
by hondaf17 in Careers & Job Searching
Created in 1998, CTR or Computer Technology Resources is a company that works to provide clients with reliable computer technicians for hire. CTR hires computer consultants or technicians and other companies pay CTR to send technicians to work for the company either permanently or temporarily, depending on the need. Both CTR and the technicians are compensated for the technicians work with the buy
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How to Be a Web Consultant
by Lori in Careers & Job Searching
Web consultants work with firms and individuals, helping them design, implement and maintain their websites and online services. The main role of a Web consultant is to ensure websites are as attractive, user-friendly and efficient as possible to secure future business. Web consultants are also referred to as web designers or developers. The average salary of a web designer as of May 2011 was from
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What Is a Tax Consultant?
by soulcougher73 in Legal
A tax consultant is someone who specializes in tax laws and advises clients on the best ways maximize the value of their estate. A good tax consultant stays up to date on changes made to the federal, state, county and local tax codes. Some tax consultants specialize in a specific area, such as estate planning. LicensingA person applying for a tax consultant license must be at least 18. The rul
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How to Become a Consultant
by python in Careers & Job Searching
Consultants offer skills, knowledge and expertise to other people or businesses. A consultant's job is to solve problems, make recommendations, give advice and provide specialized work, like networking, programming, web developing, technical support, interior decorating, writing or accounting services. Compensation for consultants is by the hour, by the job or by the project. They are not employee

How to Become a HR Consultant
by KompuKare in Careers & Job Searching
"HR" is business shorthand for "human resources," and as a human resources consultant, you'll work to develop and implement human resource strategies to meet your company's unique needs. At lower levels, an HR consultant is responsible for job recruitment. If you become a senior HR consultant, you'll be actively participating in administering your employer's human resources department.Difficulty:C

How to Become a Tax Consultant
by demetris in Business
Tax consulting encompasses a wide range of job descriptions and employment opportunities. These professionals may work as public accountants, preparing taxes for private individuals, provide small business tax accounting services or financial planning services. Salaries for this career will depend on the consultant's education, certifications and experience, as well as his clientele. Accountants i

How to Become an ERP Consultant
by kakashi_ in Careers & Job Searching
An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultant is responsible for facilitating the day-to-day management of the supply-demand chain for larger businesses. In the world of big business, larger corporations typically employ a staff of ERP consultants, and you can become one by understanding business needs, ERP computer applications and gaining professional certification.Difficulty:ChallengingInstr

What Is an SAP HR Consultant?
by rituraj in Business
SAP is enterprise software a company uses to help run the business. SAP provides transactional and analytic functionality to support a company's business processes in a functional area, such as finance or accounting, customer relationship management, supply chain or human resources. An SAP HR consultant is a person who is hired to help implement the human capital management (HCM), formerly known a
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How Much Should I Pay for a Marketing Consultant?
by ElFenix in Business
When your company's sales efforts are falling flat, it may be time to enlist the services of an outside professional. Marketing consultants provide businesses with an array of marketing experience that can boost sales and reach more customers. But companies need to carefully consider what they're paying for a marketing consultant. Consultants that charge far below market rates might lack experienc

What Is a Professional Consultant?
by Matthew Damp in Business
Somewhere between entry level and an accumulated number of years' experience in a profession, an individual develops a marketable expert status. Highly skilled professionals who feel the urge to exit the day-to-day routine of a regular job often opt for a consulting career. Consultants populate most professional fields, from management specialists to marriage relations and financial advisers. If y

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