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MySQL - Search and replace table1.field's contents with contents of table2.otherfield
by Puddle Jumper in Databases

I need a MySQL query that will do the following:

Instead of the alpha team names in the 3rd column of the players table, I want it to reference teams.id

table: players
id player_name team
1 Sue Smith Silly Chimps
2 Mike Olson Black Cats
3 Tim

Change multiple element contents/background depending on slider contents
by mckasty in Web Design

I have made an image using photoshop of a mock design of the page so you can visually see what I am trying to achieve.

Please look at the image at the end of this question whilst trying to answer.

Updated Question:
At this moment in time I have no code, I was wondering if someone could point me in the correct direction. I am making an online application using Ruby o

Comparing file contents and table contents - Encoding issues?
by Pottuvoi in Programming Languages

I read the contents of a file into a datatable using the following method:

public static DataTable GetFileContents(string filePath, IEnumerable<string> columnNames)
using (var conn = new StreamReader(filePath,Encoding.Unicode))
string strLine;
var dt = new DataTable();

Batch search txt, extract contents, merge contents in a single txt
by doubledeluxe in Programming Languages

"Main" folder






Hi, I have a Main folder, a secondary folder and its several child named "folder-A, folder-B ... folder-N". Each child has txt files with lots of information in them.

I would like to read each folder (only folders A to N), collect the information

C++ : Two pointers (supposedly) to the same address. Changing contents of one of them don't change the contents of the other
by Mistere in Programming Languages

I am new in C++ and arduino and I not understanding what is going on.

The problem is :

I have the variables below :

char *_array;
char _data[2];

When I do : _array = data; And then I change the contents of _data, like data[0] = 'C', data[1] = 'D'. The contents of _array don't change, and I ne

Merging contents of array / hash (keys and contents) in Ruby
by Al Velella in Programming Languages

Arg! Someone replied with an answer, just as I edited the below! So I've put it back to what I had before.

** Original array setup **

myArray = [{"papers"=>[[1,2,3],[1,3,2]], "value"=>"1"},
{"papers"=>[[2,1,3],[2,3,1]], "value"=>"1"},
{"papers"=>[[1,2,3],[1,3,2]], "value"=>"0.5"}]

I need to merge

How do I resize a div automatically to the size of its contents when the contents of the div have changed?
by jald in Web Design

At the moment, I have this DIV with a registration form centered over the page. The contents of the DIV come from an ascx-page. This is done nicely.
Now, if the user tries to fill in a name that's not unique, an error message is added by some jQuery next to the username field. This breaks the layout of the DIV, since the contents now are wider than they used to be.
So I've googled my

How to get NLog to parse contents of file-contents renderer?
by cthulhup in Programming Languages

I have an NLog target:

<target name="AspNetAsyncWrapperForMail" xsi:type="ASPNetBufferingWrapper">
<target name="mail" xsi:type="Mail"
subject="Error: ${callsite:includeSourcePath=False}"

Replace the contents of a github repository with the contents of a folder
by Scott Smith in Operating Systems

I'm trying to replace the contents of a github repository with the contents of a folder. I've tried git push, but it doesn't seem to do anything unless I add each of the files individually using the command line. Is there any command that I can use to replace the contents of the repository with the folder's contents?

My repository is here: https://github.com/jarble/down

jQuery - get contents of selected element (not html of its contents)
by znotdead in Programming Languages

Say I have the following html:

<div id="myDiv" title="My Div">This is me!</div>

I want to write a jquery statement such that the result is the entire line above as a string.

I almost want something like:
var selectedHtml = $("#myDiv").self(); (I know that's not valid jquery) which results in selectedHtml

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