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referencing a source controlled project (using TFS) in another source controlled project
by William Burke in Programming Languages

i have three VS solutions :
Human-resource Solution
Payroll Solution

And a Main web site (Shell);

Human-resource is a solution which is also a team project.

Payroll is the same, and so do the Main web Site(Shell).

what i need is to reference the (Shell) in Human-resource solution

and also in Payroll.

is that p

API Controlled Email
by dluu2 in Programming Languages

If I wanted to build an application that gave people "custom" email addresses (like posterous or flickr email for sending content) for use within my web app, is there an application, webservice or specific server that someone could recommend for me to build my code against?

It seems like setting something up like smartermail,and then having an agent poll several thousand accounts ev

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Why Does a Pitch Need to Be Controlled?
by debuke in Sports & Fitness
Anyone who's faced down a blazing fastball understands the desire for pitch control. Helmets offer some protection, but don't do much when the ball catches an exposed elbow or wrist. Pitch control also can be the single most important factor in determining whether your team wins or loses the game. SafetyAlthough many players hit by an uncontrolled pitch take their base and consider the act a sm

How Are Day Lilies Controlled?
by cengel4 in Home & Garden
Some gardeners like daylilies because they propagate rapidly. Tawny daylily (Hemerocallis fulva) is an example. It grows along thousands of miles of roadway. Controlling daylily growth in the garden is an important maintenance task. Plot plansSeedpods can be deadheaded, but daylily crowns propagate each year. Garden plots should be designed with expansion of plant groups in mind. Expansion room

How Are Stocks Controlled?
by eskimospy in Personal Finance
Stocks are controlled by the forces of supply and demand. That means that rather than any one person or set of rules setting the price of stocks, they float freely based on what people are willing to pay for them. While nobody can predict exactly what will cause buyers to rush in to buy stocks or sellers to rush to unload them, there are certain things that tend to cause an increase in supply or a

DIY- RC Controlled Airplane
by kakashi_ in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Traditionally all RC vehicles where sold as kits that required the buyer to build the unit before it could be used. Because of this many RC hobbyists prefer to build their own units, instead of buying pre-assembled RC vehicles. RC airplane kits are made with balsa wood, plastic and foam. Extreme hobbyists can even design there own plane, form it out of foam or balsa wood and use a RC plane skeleto

What Is a Controlled Document Per ISO?
by cubby1223 in Business
ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, maintains strict guidelines for the control of documents pertaining to business operations. Any company attempting ISO certifications must demonstrate a verifiable method for using, updating, and storing documents pertaining to configuration control of the business. Controlled DocumentsAny document used in the application of any ISO stand

How Is Respiration Controlled?
by kamyar in Health
The control centers for respiration, located in the brain regions known as the medulla and pons, work together with the nervous system, cardiovascular system, lungs, diaphragm and other parts of the brain and body to regulate respiratory function in the body. Localized ControlOxygen delivery rate in each tissue and pickup at the lungs are largely regulated at the local level. If a peripheral ti

How Can Diabetes Be Controlled?
by GreenChile in Health
If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, living with diabetes may seem like an insurmountable task with the daily finger pricks and keeping track of glucose levels. It is important to remember that a diagnosis of diabetes can turn your life around in a positive way by educating yourself and making sure that you have the tools necessary to live a healthy life. Health Risks for Untreate

How is dispatching controlled in JAX-RS?
by ChaseVoid in Web Design

I'm writing a RESTful Web Service with RESTeasy. This is an implementation of JAX-RS. You annotate a class or method with a single @Path annotation. Regular expressions are used to get path parameters. For instance


matches all patterns starting with "/foo", ending with "/bar" and having anything in between. Whatever is in be

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