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Finding the controller that called my controller; or traversing the Controller/Action stack
by zac in Programming Languages

I'm using Html.RenderAction, in ASP.NET MVC (futures), to display modules on different pages.
I want the modules to be aware of which page they belong to (for settings and logging purposes).

Is there a way to get the Controller/Action - stack, on the current controller?

I found on the Controller base something called DescriptorCache under ActionInvoker and that has

AddRecord TableView controller -->MasterTableView Controller --> second (filter) TableView Controller --> DetailView Controller
by Virginia in Operating Systems

I'm new to iOS programing (and programming in general). I'm trying to do an iPhone App based on the Birdsighting example provided by Apple (http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/iPhone/Conceptual/SecondiOSAppTutorial/Introduction/Introduction.html). The difference is that I will create Body Building's workouts (instead of Birdsightings) in an AddWorkout TableView Controller, pas

hide modal tab bar controller - from within a view controller IN the tab bar controller
by GTech33 in Mobile Programming

I have a first view which has a funky menu thing. Then when you select a menu item it does [self presentModalViewController:tbc animated:YES]; (tbc being a tab bar controller with 5 navigation controllers within it).

In each of the navigation controllers I have a Home icon in the navigation bar.

I want to be able to link this button up to do the opposite of

How to pass controller name in controller action of some other controller?
by amosk in Programming Languages

I have a SQL query where I want to pass controller name as one of the where clause compare parameter. And there are many controllers within the application. Depending on the controller name there will be different result of query to be executed. So how can I pass name of the controller to some third controller.

Using this @ViewContext.RouteData.Values["controller"], I c

How to Passing Uiimage from one view controller to Other view controller when using popvivew controller used?
by rodvand in Operating Systems

I Have Two View controllers.

First UIViewController contain one UIImage, when I click "crop" button, go to second view controller I pass the image by push view controller, here I'am cropping my UIImage.

In second UIViewController after cropping my image, clicking "done" button, I need to pass the cropped image to first view.

Problem is when I use pop-view con

Custom MVC, how to implement a render function for the controller so the View can access variables set by the Controller
by FrankSaucedo in Programming Languages

I'm adding new features to an existing code base. Anyway, the current feature I'm doing should be in MVC in my opinion. The existing code base isn't MVC but the feature I'm implementing, I want it to be MVC. And I don't want to roll some existing MVC into the existing codes.

So, my problem is... I don't know to implement a render function for the controller class. Usually, in MVC yo

MVC - one controller action with multiple model types/views or individual controller actions?
by Calve Martin in Programming Languages

In my project I have a controller that allows you to create multiple letters of different types. All of these letter types are stored in the database, but each letter type has different required fields and different views.

Right now I have a route set up for the following URL: /Letters/Create/{LetterType}. I currently have this mapped to the following controller action:

Multiple types were found that match the controller named 'Home'. (Two Areas, Same controller name)
by George in Programming Languages

This is probably a duplicate to many but the obvious answers in them do not solve my problem.

I get:

Multiple types were found that match the controller named 'Home'. This can happen if the route that services this request ('{controller}/{action}/{id}') does not specify namespaces to search for a controller that matches the request. If this is the case, register this

iOS ViewController property dissappears after pushing a new controller and coming back again in Navigation Controller
by Henrique in Programming Languages

I couldnt find any thread for this problem, so thats why i ask you here.

I would be really happy if someone could help me.

I have got a navigation Controller, and I'm pushing TableViewController's into it. My problem is that, when i click on Back button, my previous tableViewcontroller appears with the previous data, but the dataArray property (datasource for my tables)

Kohana 3 : Prevent a controller action which renders a sub-vew from rendering if not called from approved controller
by India in Programming Languages

Let's say I have the domain www.example.com

It has a default controller called 'account'.

This controller is based on a template, and creates a view using it's data, and the result of a couple of other controller's renderings.

Let's call the other controllers, 'game', and 'stats'.

These 'sub-controllers' call View::factory with their own model dat

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