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How to save 4 drop down list selections to a cookie, and set drops if cookie present
by sordumsoruyu in Web Design

So I am using jQuery and have setup the jquery cookie plugin.

I have 4 drop down lists on my page, and I want to save the user's selections in a cookie, so when they come back to the page I automatically pre-select their previous selections.

I added a class to all my drop downs "ddl-cookie", and I was just thinking if I could somehow loop through all the drop down lists

Does setting a cookie with jquery.cookie and then testing for its existence confirm the browser accepts cookies?
by Alpha0mega in Web Design

I'm confused about the best-pracice for checking if cookies are accepted by the browser.

Suppose you're using JQuery and, specifically, jquery.cookie, would the following work on all (modern) browsers? Particularly I wondering about browsers like IE 6.

$.cookie('test_name', '1');
if( $.cookie('test_name') == null ) {

Express difference between cookie-Sessions and connect-cookie-session
by john in Development Tools & Services

I am implementing a system where session data is stored in the cookie. This system doesn't require a memorystore or redis support which makes it attractive. However, I am confused on which middleware to add.

Should I add the default cookieSession() which comes bundled with connect or the third party connect-cookie-session.

Oh and I am running the latest node version(0.8.

Jquery cookie plugin - set cookie when user submits form
by Uppsala9496 in Coding

I would like to set a cookie when a user submits a form.

I am working with some legacy code that sets a cookie based on a user checking a checkbox, but would like this to simply set the cookie when a user submits a form.

Here is what i have, which works when a checkbox is checked:


Cookie-session changes ID after reload when cookie path in root directory
by Maxton in Programming Languages

I have a website written in PHP which uses session through cookies. It works perfectly when the app is in a subdirectory, because the cookie path is set to /sub/.

When I try to set up my website in the root directory of my domain (http://domain.tld/index.php), I set the cookie path to "/". According to the PHP documentation, this should not be an issue :


Jquery cookie plugin - conditional content determined by cookie being set
by bhakins in Coding

I have a sign up form that is displayed to all new site visitors. If a user fills out the form, the next time they visit the site, I would like to display a "welcome back" message where the form would usually sit.

I am trying to do this via the jquery cookie plugin (http://plugins.jquery.com/project/Cookie).

My form would look like this:

<div id="sign_

Fail to write/read cookie with jQuery-cookie plugin
by Stringjam in Web Design

I need to write and read a cookie and I'd like to use the jquery-cookie plugin.

However I cannot manage to store a cookie and read it back.

Here's a MWE

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-

How to Order Best Gourmet Cookie Bouquet or Edible Cookie Arrangements
by atomicstack in Holidays & Celebrations
Select or create an edible cookie arrangement or a gourmet cookie bouquet as an unusual present for a special occasion or holiday celebration. Gourmet cookie bouquets contain delicious gourmet cookies often shaped into occasion-related designs. The decorators top the creations with colorful painted frosting and arrange them to resemble an elegant flower bouquet. An edible cookie arrangement resemb

If cookie found, get data, else create cookie, is this good logic?
by jkjambo in Programming Languages

I have an Action that basically adds an item to a cart, the only way the cart is known is by checking the cookie, here is the flow of logic, please let me know if you see any issue...

/order/add/[id] is called via GET

action checks for cookie, if no cookie found, it makes a new cart, writes the identifier to the cookie, and adds the item to the database with a relation t

Difference between document.cookie and javax.servlet.http.Cookie
by Dennis Caldwell in Java

Please clear me difference between document.cookie and javax.servlet.http.Cookie.
As per my understanding document.cookie is set in client side using Java script and javax.servlet.http.Cookie. is set in Server side by response object. Is this true?

Also, my big doubt is, can cookie set using document.cookie be era


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