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How to Fix a Corrupted PSP
by GAM3RIG in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Sony PlayStation Portable sometimes can become corrupted. This usually is from updating the PSP improperly. If this occurs, you either can return the device to Sony and wait for it to fix it, or you can use the Pandora battery and Magic memory stick combination to reflash the firmware onto the PSP motherboard.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Pandora battery
Magic memory
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How to Fix a Corrupted Hal.dll
by takuya in Computers
The hardware abstraction layer (hal.dll) file enables your operating system to recognize and install hardware devices. If the hal.dll file is corrupt, you’ll notice error messages, such as “Windows_rootSystem32hal.dll missing or corrupt…” The causes of a hal.dll error range from missing hal.dll files to outdated device drivers. You must troubleshoot the hal.dll problem befo
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Corrupted value in GAE Memcache
by Mexico in Programming Languages

Sometimes (when I perform stress test) the object stored in memcache is corrupted (it lacks a property and when I try to access it gives me "NullPointerException").
Could it be related to wrong synchronization between different memcache writes? In fact in different part of my code I just update the UserAccount stored in Memcache in this way:

cache.put(tempUser.getKey(), tem

corrupted stack
by itsmegb in Programming Languages

This is my function and it says

stack around variable cinfo was corrupted.

and it says that problem is in line 551 which is last line in this posted code.

struct jpeg_compress_struct cinfo;
struct jpeg_error_mgr jerr;
FILE* pOutFile; //Target file
int nSampsPerRow; //Physical row width in image buffer
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Git corrupted with a commit
by IHateMyJob2004 in Programming Languages

I am a bit new to git but I read the Git book from their site.
So I started to use one with GitLab installed on my server.

I was working on SVN before so the first commit was an export of SVN.
My friend is also working on the same project (his name's Lucas).

I created a branch origin/dev to get the origin/master fully stable and then develop on /dev.
I als

Git repository corrupted
by Rit Li in Development Tools & Services

I was trying to learn how to use Git for local version control . I was using Xcode as my IDE . I tried to add my latest changes when I found that there were 3000 unstaged changes . I staged them unknowingly. I then went to my project root directory to find the same directory inside it with the same files and so on inside all the way down . I deleted it and the repository got into a corrupt stat

Corrupted git tree?
by redha in Programming Languages

I'm having big problems with a git repository on my local machine.

I modified a file, ran git status and the file appeared as modified. I added the file using git add . and it worked as usual. But when i was about to commit the changes, i got the following error:

error: garbage at end of loose object 'e91ce852822d32e380ed7ddd04c93066e3c600ea'
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Corrupted Git repository
by Veliko in Web Design

I want to fork manualy a 5 years old repository, but I've errors when I'm pushing it to the new repo (bad name, bad email ... because of a previous HG merge)

So I want to "remove" theses old commits by reset the repo to the most recent error, and merge commits created after the most recent error into my new repo and I can't find the best way to do that ...

git clone u

How to Fix a Corrupted MP3 File
by Guid in Computers
MP3 files have over the years become an important part of our user experience when it comes to communication and entertainment. They go everywhere, from computers, the Internet to cell phones, MP3 files are everywhere. On occasion your MP3 files may become damaged or corrupted. Fortunately, there are some free tools available for download you can use to repair them. One tool in particular you can
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How to Fix Corrupted Photos
by Train in Computers
Photos get corrupted for a variety of reasons. While it may occur due to certain issues with your photo editing software, it may also happen due to system or user errors. Either way, you can fix corrupted photos. Note that if the photo is corrupt from its original source, there is really nothing you can do to fix it. However, if the issues occurred while you were downloading it or while using an i
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