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Different between select count(*), count(0), count(100), count(Id) in sql 2008?
Category : Databases

what is different between following sql server 2008 statement.

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.Regular_Report
SELECT COUNT(0) FROM dbo.Regular_Report
SELECT COUNT(1) FROM dbo.Regular_Report
SELECT COUNT(100) FROM dbo.Regular_Report
SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM dbo.Regular_Report

Please help me find the above answers.
Thanks in advance.

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iOS app crashing with -[NSCFString count]: when trying to get count of NSMutableArray if count is only 1
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'll keep this short and sweet, because I'm sure it is something simple that I'm missing. I'm trying to get the count for an NSMutableArray that can contain a variable number of objects (id numbers). The array is being created from JSon data & the array itself is created perfectly, regardless of whether there is a single object, or a thousand.

With regards to getting the cou

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MySQL “Column count doesn't match value count” but the count DOES match
Category : Databases

MySQL is issuing this error when I try to execute a query where the column count does match. Here is the structure of the table:

mysql> desc S_3068;
| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |

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How can we fetch full activity log of a facebook user or ( wall comment count, wall count, wall like count ) using API
Category : Development Tools & Services

Dosto I need a facebook user total wall comment count, wall count, wall like count.

Your suggestions will helpful for me.

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Exception caught : java.sql.SQLException: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Category : Java
public void updateDeduction(String empId, String dedId, String dedname,String dedamount,String date) throws SQLException{
//update the contributions
stmt = conn.createStatement();
String updateString ="INSERT INTO deductions (empId,dedId,dedName,dedAmount,dedDate) VALUES (";
updateString +="'"+empId+"', ";
updateString +="CURDATE(), " ;
updateString +

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Is it safe to use count property to get bool value returned, with statements like if([[uiTableView selectedRowIndexes] count])
Category : Programming Languages

Maybe this is a little tricky ....

Someone said that:

The count (of an NSTableView selectedRowIndexes for example) could easily be neither YES nor NO; for another, if the user selected a multiple of 256 items, the lowest byte of the count would be 0, so the BOOL value would be NO even though there is a selection.

Is it true?

So, if it is it's unsa

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Error Code: 1136 Column count doesn't match value count at row 1) inside sp
Category : Databases

i have some troubles filling a predefined table with a stored procedure.
mytable has 6 fields: uid,testrun,exp1,exp2,exp3,weightedvalue where uid is an autoincrement PK. My sp contains an insert statement like:

.... some declare statements ...
INSERT INTO exp_factors(testrun,exp1,exp2,exp3,weightedvalue) VALUES<

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PHP Count round thousand to a K style count like facebook Share . . . Twitter Button ect
Category : Programming Languages

Ok so I am trying to turn my hit counter to round thousands to a single digit too display 3 thousand hits as 3K for example, like the Facebook Share and Twitter Tweet Buttons do. Here is my code. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

$postresultscount = (($resultscount) ? $resultscount->sumCount : 1);
$k = 1000;
$L = ';
if ($postresultscount > $k) {

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Pandas groupby size “count” intermittent under-count
Category : Programming Languages

Why am I getting inconsistent group size "counts"?
I am using Pandas 10.0, with a 6 million row dataset being reduced to a 400k groupby:

In [16]: df.groupby('Z ID').size()[470009:470010]
994555 6
In [14]: df[df['Z ID'] == 994555].groupby('Z ID').size()
994555 9

When I reviewe

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ERROR 1136: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 - still happening
Category : Databases

Well although I was looking for the same questions in SO to find a solution there is nothing to solve my problem.

The problem is:

INSERT INTO `mydb`.`users` (`username`, `password`, `info_id`)
VALUES ('myname', '123456', 2)`

and I can't understand where is the problem.

The table looks like that: users(id, username, password,

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