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Counting down to zero in contrast to counting up to length - 1
by New Jersey in Programming Languages

Is it recommended to count in small loops (where possible) down from length - 1 to zero
instead of counting up to length - 1?

1.) Counting down

for (int i = a.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
if (a[i] == key) return i;

2.) Counting up

for (int i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
if (a[i] == key) return i;

Complicated SQL query - Finding a set of something, counting it, then finding a subset of the first set, and counting that
by CyberGreg in Coding

I have three tables, we'll call them table1, table2, and table3. Lets say each table has a user id column and a date column. What i'd like to do is to be able to count the number of rows with a specific user id in table1, and sum it with the number of rows with that user id in tables 2 and 3.

I'd then like to take that first query I did which has all rows with the user id, and the

counting -99.9 in r
by nickthecook in Programming Languages

I am new in using R and I have a question for which I am trying to find the answer. I have a file organized as follows (it has thousands of rows but I just show a sample for simplicity):

YEAR Month day S1 T1 T2 R1
1965 3 2 11.7 20.6 11.1 18.8
1965 3 3 14.0 16.7 3.3 0.0
1965 3 4 -99.9 -
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one sql instead of 2 for counting
by Max Derov in Programming Languages

I have read a thread on this but when I tried it I can`t manage to make it work.
I want to count all the male and females from a table like so:

count(case when substr(id,1, 1) in (1,2) then 1 else 0 end) as M,
count(case when substr(id,1, 1) in (3,4) then 1 else 0 end) as F
from users where activated=1

The ideea is that a user ha

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About Counting %
by dreshyne2g in Programming Languages

I Have 3 Fields In Database


Lets Say There's A Game

I Got 800 Point From 1000

Total_Points = 1000
Earned_Point = 800
Progress = 80%

I Counted The Progress (( 80% )) Manually

How Can I Count It Automatically With PHP ?

To Get The

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C# LOC counting with GIT
by ruby-on-rails in Programming Languages

I was wondering if there is any tools out there that can report on the LOC for Added, Modified and Deleted code from a GIT check in.

It would be awesome if it could then add the count to a some sort of DB

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counting in awk
by Ryland in Programming Languages
find ${*-.} -type f -print | xargs file |
awk '{
end {
for (i in t) printf("%d %s
", t[i], i);
}' | sort -nr

The first "find" line works. But the awk part does not work. I expect the count of file types sorted in descending order.

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Counting in sas
by snackie in Programming Languages

Maybe a stupid question...
I got following dataset:

id count
x 1
y 2
z 3
a 1
b 2
c 3

And i want this:

id count group
x 1 1
y 2 1
z 3 1
a 1 2
b 2 2
c 3 2

Here is what I try:

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Counting to Scalar Value
by Meghan54 in Programming Languages

So I have a foreach loop:

foreach (1..10) {
print "#", $t, "

But I also have a scalar:

$number = 5;

Can I count from 1 to the scalar like so?

foreach (1..$number) {
print "#", $t, "

When I do this, the program simply outputs

Counting Treaps
by sinisterDei in Development Tools & Services

Consider the problem of counting the number of structurally distinct binary search trees:

Given N, find the number of structurally distinct binary search trees containing the values 1 .. N

It's pretty easy to give an algorithm that solves this: fix every possible number in the root, then recursively solve the problem for the left and right subtrees:

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