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Display long country names as short country names from a Country table in Rails 3
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

A question about representing a string from a model.

I have a Country model which has a list of countries.

The countries are in long form eg. United States, United Kingdom, etc.

I want to represent this data in short name form eg. USA, UK.

I don't really want to change the names on the table column because on my forms I would like ke

How to do a city/state/country code lookup based on zip/country input by the user?
by Baskaran in Programming Languages

Would there be a way to do a city/state/country code lookup based on zip/country input by the user? My site will be international, hence the reason for asking the user to input their country.

I'm thinking the user inputs the zip/post-code and country, which gets saved to the database and then the Google geocode API will convert this to city, state and country and print the output to

Highlight country flag on blank world map when hovered on specific country
by Allan in Web Design

I'm using jVectormap plugin for country highlighting on world map. Now As my question suggests i want to show country's flag when specific country is hovered over.

I don't want to do image mapping for whole world map. so don't post that solution, i don't think its a feasible solution as i don't have such time to do that.

if anybody has done this functionality using any p

Is there a way to display a single country in Google map? It should be only one country, not parts from other countries included
by pad in Development Tools & Services

I need to display only a single country in google map. I need to display only one country and the parts of other countries should not be there.. for example if I want to display U.K. it should display only UK and sea around, no parts from other countries should be visible.

Is there a Google API call or any other method? I couldn't find a method than overriding zoom and overriding th

Cheap Rustic Country Decorating Ideas for a Country Home
by crazy2383 in Personal Finance
Decorating a home in country style means aiming for a warm, rustic ambiance. You can easily find decorations that will suit this style that will cost you plenty. Take the time to look around, and get a little creative with where you do your shopping; you can accomplish the same thing with much less outlay of cash. Rustic décor should bring on the feeling of stepping back to a simpler time o

javascript - is it possible to get country name we selected in SYSTEM's timezone . we can get offset (like 5.5)but how to get country name
by PatrickSimonHenk in Web Design

in JAVASCRIPT, is it possible to get country name that we selected in our system . for example if my system timezone is "india/kolkata" , we can get offset value like this :

d = new Date()
utc = d.getTime() + (d.getTimezoneOffset()*60000)
offset = (d.getTime()-utc)/3600000

thus offset is the required value like 5.5 for india .
But i donno gett

AN country code in maxmind database, what country does it refer to?
by BiaachMonkie in Databases

Selecting distinct(country) from my maxmind database i found country with code "AN", that is not in list here:

and on wiki:

For which country it can refer to?

Country-specific domain promotion… in another country
by Vietnam in Development Tools & Services

I wonder if anyone tried promoting a website on a country-specific domain for the wrong region?
I know there is no reason to do that (unless you're crazy), but I just became curious after my client said he'd prefer to keep an old .us domain while promotion is needed for a different country
I advised him to get a .com or .net and set up a permanent redirect from the .us domain, but his

Is there any disadvantage (in SEO terms) to using a country-specific subdomain over the country's TLD?
by Hubb1e in Development Tools & Services

I'm developing a site at the moment which requires localization to a number of different countries. We own our site's name on many of the countries' TLDs (though not all of them). From a developer's perspective, many things are simplified if we could simply redirect all traffic to "domainname.co.uk" to "uk.domainnname.com" (or "domainname.fr" to "fr.domainname.com") — but my boss is concerne

Country Codes to Country Names conversion
by jgood in Programming Languages

I'm building the registration part of a mobile site and I need to retrieve the country name from the country code of a mobile phone number (eg. +1 corresponds to United States).

Is there any publicly available code/database that will have this info.

Ive tried searching but all I come up with is the conversion of country prefixes to country names (us-United States).


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