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How Can I Set My CPanel Email to Forward My CPanel Emails & Delete Them From the Server?
by Ben Humphrys in Internet
If you administer websites, you have most likely created an email account for each one through your hosting provider's cPanel interface and configured your server to forward messages sent to those accounts to a main email address that you check regularly. The problem with this is that a copy of each forwarded message stays on your server, consuming its resources. Delete the email account and keep

How to deploy war files into cpanel or how to run java application on Cpanel?
by markku in Java

I need to run my Java application on cPanel. I do not care if I copy the files on the cPanel or deploy my war.

I have found lots of descriptions to install tomcat and deploy war files on cPanel, I have successfully installed Tomcat, but I have couple of questions.

1) How can I upload my war file?
2) Where can I find the terminal to type this command ?


Cpanel .htaccess rewrite rule for cpanel
by smbrant in Programming Languages

i have cpanel and it's running the all html files but not running the PHP files.
when i try to run any php file then it's give me the error 500 internal server error.

i am sure it's becuase of htaccess becuase the same file running on other host.
i need the rewrite rule for htaccess so my all files of php will start working fine.

How to Sync cPanel DNS to a Non cPanel Server
by niswilsonnissen in Internet
If you have a Domain Name System (DNS) cluster set up on your cPanel, meaning you have multiple nameserver hosts connected together in case of an individual server failure, you can sync the DNS records between all of those servers. Syncing the records in this way syncs to the server itself, without the need to log into cPanel or an equivalent control panel on that account. Therefore, you can easil

How to Copy cPanel to cPanel
by Train in Computers
Web developers use cPanel as a front-end tool to manage servers in user-interface ways, rather than resorting to complex coding. If you have switched servers or domains, you may wish to copy your site data from one cPanel to another; cPanel makes the process straightforward. This will move all your cPanel data onto the new location while also keeping it on the old.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Lo
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How to Export From cPanel to cPanel
by Dandor in Internet
MySQL databases are a vital part of dynamic Web development, but just how to handle such a database is often confusing, especially for new developers. Knowing the proper process for exporting a database within cPanel can help speed up a website move. Performing the process correctly also provides an adequate means of backing up sensitive data and protecting it from loss. The process is straightfor

How to Move From a cPanel to Another cPanel
by Ryan in Computers
Transferring Web hosts can be a pain. If the hosts use two different control panels, it can be particularly difficult. If both servers run cPanel, however, the transfer is simple. You can move all your old cPanel settings from one server and/or domain name to a second cPanel on a new server or domain quickly and easily.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Log into your old cPanel account.

How to Log Into cPanel
by GarlicBreath in Internet
CPanel is a secure website control panel designed for web hosting accounts. If you are new to cPanel or recently purchased a domain that uses cPanel as the server-side management system, logging in may be challenging. Follow these steps below to log into cPanel on the majority of web hosting providers.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open your Internet browser.
Open www.mysite.com/cpanel in your
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How to Use SSH in cPanel
by skriefal in Computers
If you want to use the secure shell (SSH) with your Web server, you must set it up in cPanel. This will give you direct shell access to your Web server, and you can operate from a command line in the same way as you can on your Unix or Linux system. This allows you to install server-side applications, such as ImageMagick or FFmpeg, that cannot be installed otherwise.
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How to: SSH to Cpanel
by pttr in Computers
When managing a cPanel server, you may need additional functionality that is not provided by the cPanel Web interface. The option to connect to a cPanel server using a secure shell, or SSH, connection is available using your cPanel username and password. This may be necessary to install additional programs, edit configuration files or to view real-time monitoring scripts on your system.Difficulty:
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