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Entity Framework POCO T4 sometimes creates an EntityCollection and sometimes creates a FixUpCollection
by Steve in Coding

I've run into a strange issue with the Entity Framework POCOs created by the POCO T4 templates - for some objects their collection properties are created as an EntityCollection, and for others they're created as a FixUpCollection.

I'm finding this with three classes which model a product hierarchy; ProductGroup, Platform and

!is.na creates NAs in other columns
by Jules in Programming Languages

In the midst of merging several data sets, I'm trying to remove all rows of a data frame that have a missing value for one particular variable (I want to keep the NAs in some of the other columns for the time being). I used the following line:

data.frame <- data.frame[!is.na(data.frame$year),]

This successfully removes all rows with NAs for year

What Creates a Sinkhole?
by RDongre in Home & Garden
When the ground opens up, and the land begins to sink, you're facing the interesting geological phenomenon known as a sinkhole. These big holes form by the chemical reaction between water and rock that is soft, porous and easily dissolved. The result can be a disaster for homeowners and a serious danger for drivers and other passersby. Land TypeSinkholes form in regions where underlying rock is

How can I make a pop up that creates other pop ups?
by chadrico in Web Design

I'm working on an alternate reality game, and I'm tasked with creating a level where player's must focus on answering math questions within a certain amount of time while closing pop ups. The goal is to have the pop ups spawn their own pop ups, so that things quickly get out of control if the user ignores them for too long. And to ensure that people don't leave their pop up blocker on, the math

gcc -pg creates a.out instead of gmon.out
by tdowg1 in Programming Languages

How can I make my gcc -pg create a gmon.out file instead of an a.out? I'm trying to profile my CPU using gprof, but when I compile my .c file I get an a.out, which is not what I need.

What Creates the Jet Stream?
by dfuze in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Jet streams are unusual weather phenomena that form in the atmosphere of planets. They are caused by the circulation of air that leads to strong winds and the movement of storms within the atmosphere. These streams change with the seasons and the circulations of air, affecting the flight patterns of airplanes. DefinitionThe term jet stream refers to the narrow horizontal currents of air and win

RIA Creates same instance twice in Silverlight
by Mossy B in Web Design
class Profile { string name; Book[] books}
class Book { string name }

Two separate Profiles (A and B) both have a relation to the same book.

When I load the profiles one by one from Silverlight using WCF/RIA. I end up with two book object, with the same name. (same book!). I want RIA to detect that the book is already present in silverlight and use the

php creates folder with 341 permissions
by Florian Derudder in Programming Languages

Didn't got any luck finding an answer on google , so this is my last try before trying other methods.

I have a script like this:

// get current year and month
$cur_year = date('Y');
$cur_month = date('m');
$long_type = $this->getFile_longtype();
$folder = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/".FOLDER_CMS."/uploads/

Scaffold creates too many files for me. What should I do?
by Dirigible in Programming Languages

I'm new in the world of Ruby on Rails. I have some problems to solve before start to build a store-like web application.
I'm following instructions written in the book "Agile Web Development with Rails" so I decided to use sqlite too...

...but I have already represented the scenario via ER Diagrams and now I don't know how to bring it on rails.

In the early chapters

persist() always creates new node
by Retro Rob in Web Design

I am having problems with indexing/persisting with SDN 2.0.0.RELEASE and Neo4j 1.5.

I have a domain class "Word" which basically looks like this:

public class Word {
Long graphId;
@Indexed(indexType = IndexType.SIMPLE, indexName = "Word_wordString")
private String wordString;
@RelatedTo(direction = Direction.INCOMING,

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