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Redhat openshift - Cron Runtime - Is there a default time for how long cron executes
Category : Web Design

Cron on Redhat openshift is cancelled by SIGTERM after some minutes.

Is there a default timeout on how long cron tasks can execute?
If yes, how to get long running tasks working?

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Quartz cron expression for cron triggers executed every Nth Hour/Day/Week/Month
Category : Web Design

I am developing an application that gives the user the ability to schedule some activity.
Inputs that are provided by user are

Value of N
Option amongst Hour/Day/Week/Month
Start Date
Start Time

I am unable to get the cron expressions right for each of the repeat interval type i.e. Hour/Day/Week/Month so that the trigger time is calculated from the start dat

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cron and wget: how to prevent cron from cluttering syslog with “grandchild failed” messages?
Category : Programming Languages

This is a huge annoyance.
Whilst in older wget versions (even stated so in the man page) the whole error code functionality had never worked reliably, current wget versions have it working TOO reliable.

I have a cronjob that could be called a sort of "poor man's RSS". It's for a blog that has no RSS option so I'd just poll it every 15 minutes for new pages to come.
(so it'

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Cron bash script leaves cron [defunct] lingering
Category : Operating Systems

I'm running the below script with cron, in /etc/cron.d/mycron I have the following:

*/10 * * * * MyUserThatNeedsToRunTheScript /backup/sshconnect.sh

However, looking at ps -aux I find that a few [defunct] processes are lingering, any ideas? Does this have to with SSH being run with -f ?

5 0 1598 641 20 0 2552 1068 pipe_w S ?

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How to check and kill cron job if particular cron running using shell script
Category : Network & Servers

I have two cron jobs for importing image process into Database and scheduled that cron runs per two days once at server time 1 hour 2min. I need to check if the cron runs or not using shell script and kill that cron if the runs that cron already or after two days. Can you anybody guide me?


2 1 */2 * * cd /var/www/railsapp/book_app_v2 && /usr/local/b

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How do you perform Cron job if your hosting does not provide a cron job control panel?
Category : Programming Languages

I am using PHP for my application. I have a demo site and need to clean database regularly. I thought it can be done with a cronjob.

However my hosting does not provide a cron job cotroll panel.

What is the best way to perform cron job?

How do you perform it if your hosting does not provide a cronjob control panel?

Thanks in advance.

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CRON - PHP - file_get_contents to run PHP page and email with CRON
Category : PHP

I am trying to setup an end-of-day automated email using a CRON job.

I can get the CRON job to send out a static email, however I am having trouble when trying to use file_get_contents and a php page that then uses mysql queries to get the data from a database and builds the email body.

Need help!
*NOTE- I use a special php mailer for SMTP. This mailer works 100% FI

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How to set php cron job?
Category : PHP

I am using windows server 2003.

I set a cron job, open IE explorer and run cron.php file.

Basically, what the cron.php does is just send email to my own email address. I set it run every 2 minutes and run for 2 hours. I start the cron services, and I received the first email, but after that, I waited few hours, I am still didn't receive the second email. Anyone can help

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How to use whenever gem for cron job?
Category : Programming Languages

I am making an application in which user will get a mail after every minute but the problem it is not getting any mail.I have installed the whenever gem and ran the bundle install command.After that i ran wheneverize . command and schedule.rb file generated and given below are the files.


class UsersController < ApplicationController
# GET /user

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cron + jar + inner jar
Category : Programming Languages

Provided a .jar file which includes inner jar files (libraries), how to make it work from cron knowing that the latter requires absolute paths ..etc
Here's the script file called from cron

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/jdk:/usr/local/jdk/bin:/home/me/bin
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/home/me/bin/myapp.jar
/usr/local/jdk/bin/java -jar

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