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How to Encourage Curiosity in the Classroom
by MeldarthX in Education
Children are naturally curious beings that thrive on discovering new things and exploring the world around them. It is capturing and maintaining that inquisitive behavior that can be a challenge. Structuring your classroom to benefit two kinds of learners allows teachers to make the most of class time. Timid children often explore with their mind, while outgoing children prefer to physically touch

How to Care for a Curiosity Cactus
by lxskllr in Home & Garden
The Cereus Peruvianus Monstrosos, commonly referred to as the Curiosity Cactus, originates from South America. Its name comes from the random growth grow patterns it exhibits; knobs, waves and other unique growths are common. Curiosity Cacti are extremely durable plants and do not require much maintenance. In addition, they grow extremely well in sunny, dry climates where many other species of pla

Activities for Children About Curiosity
by Progdis in Parenting
Teaching your child about curiosity works best when you engage him in activities that let him nurture his own. Allow for a balance of activities that let him "roam" mentally, creatively and physically and activities that involve guidelines and steps, depending on his age. When your child makes a discovery or accomplishes something due to her curiosity, point it out so she remembers to fo

How to Create Curiosity in Education
by peitschie in Education
Compare the look of high school students with that of students in elementary grade. The generally languid look of the former is a sharp contrast to the bright-eyed animation of elementary graders. Natural curiosity fuels the desire for higher education. Therefore, teachers must use classroom techniques that sustain the curiosity that children naturally possess into adulthood.Difficulty:Challenging

Mono vs .NET Interop curiosity
by Idontcare in Operating Systems

I'm developing a huge console application for Unix using C# via Mono.
If I develop that app using M Visual Studio and .NET 3.5 and I carefully neglect to use win32 specific API calls, should I expect that application to automatically work in my Unix box? Or should I just get MonoDevelop and go the Mono way?

Learning Android dev due to curiosity
by Ryan in Android

Lately I have been thinking about developing some basic android app. Its only due to personal interest. Please guide me where to start from, what tools I require and any pointers to certain pdf's etc.

My background:

1) Embedded software developer in C.
2) Had got some chance to work on flex. Hence familiar with eclipse.
3) Working in multi-threaded environment.

Java Generics Curiosity
by Pottuvoi in Programming Languages

I have an interface A, which class B implements.

The following generic method works

public static <T, U extends T> List<T> listFactory(Collection<U> source) {
return new ArrayList<T>(source);


public static <T> List<T> listFactory(Collection<? extends T

How to Promote Curiosity in Kids
by Sankarsan Bose in Parenting
Kids don't come with an owner's manual, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to nourish their minds as well as their bodies. Developing a curious, inquisitive mind is just as important in parenting as developing a strong, healthy body. Do the right things and you can promote curiosity in kids.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Read to your child, and pause to ask them questions ab

Curiosity Plant Care
by Silverforce11 in Home & Garden
The cereus peruvianus monstrosus cactus plant is commonly known as the curiosity plant. This plant grows well in desert climates, and is characterized by its tall, bumpy appearance. The curiosity cactus plant grows up to approximately 15 feet in spread diameter, with individual trunks up to seven inches in diameter. It has long, spiny quills and blue-green skin. PlantingPlant the cereus peruvia

Curiosity Encountered in Javascript Tutorial
by redblacktree in Javascript

I am not understanding what the Number function does. This is the tutorial I'm using, which in fact does explain what the function does... BUT... when I delete Number it still returns the same value, so I'm not understanding its purpose. Even if I change Number to String it still returns the same value. Here is the example code:

var theNumber = Number(prompt("Pick a number", ""))

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