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Custom WordPress Custom Post Type & Custom Taxonomy Rewrite maintaining Default Archives
by Griff in Web Design

I have a registered taxonomy (wps_type) and 2 custom post types (wps_business, wps_location) in that order. The registered taxonomy has rewrite arg set to slug => type and the post types have slug => business & slug => location already set. I need a custom smart permalink rewrite rule where all of the following are available.

Defaults Work (and still need to work):

C# Setting Custom Properties of SSIS custom data flow component through custom UI
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

I'm having a real problem trying to set a custom property of a data flow component I've created through a custom form.

The value I'm assigning is just now being set, the custom property either remains the original value or stays null.

In my TaskClass I've overridden the ProvideComponentProperties() method and I've created the custom property as shown below.

Custom NSStatusItem with custom view - Use NSWindow, NSView, custom NSMenuItem?
by cusideabelincoln in Web Design

I'm trying to create a LSUIElement app that behaves like Spotlight, CoverSutra and other apps of that type. I managed to create a custom NSStatusItem, which popups up an NSWindow but the problem is that the app that currently has focus will the focus to my custom NSWindow.

I've based myself on Matt Gemmell's example (http://mattgemmell.com/2008/03/04/using-maattachedwindow-with-an-n

custom class = custom +alloc , custom +init
by ajjaeger in Programming Languages

I'm new with objective c for the iphone.

I'm writing a custom class, then, should I write my own +alloc, +init methods?
I believe that: the +alloc will just call [thing alloc]; and the +init will perform something like: [thing setValue:X];

is there a "default" +alloc and +init methods?
if yes, what should I wait for the default +alloc and +init?, let's say i ha

Reference custom dlls in Custom Project Template in Visual Studio 2012
by Dan Lowe in Programming Languages

I am creating a C# multi project template in VS 2012. I have a custom template wizard to accept user specific information. I have some custom dlls in my projects. I placed all those dlls in a folder and referencing them. When the user creates a new project using my cusyom template, I would like to ask the user where to deploy the dlls folder. The dlls in the new project created would be referen

How can I custom order Drupal Views' groups and include custom HTML for each group?
by sham63 in Web Design

I have 6 custom content types and a View that shows the 6 types and groups results by node type.

Example: the custom content types are Computers, Cars, Food, etc. The view groups nodes by those types:

[exposed filters here]
- HP P6500
- Leveno HQ3112
- Ford F150
- GM Silverado
- Apple
- Banana

Can i create facebook custom graph api action with name “Like” for custom object?
by WellBeing in Development Tools & Services

In facebook graph api can i create custom action with name "Like" for any custom object?

Thanks All

“Invalid Postback” exception on custom GridView with custom row events
by jch in Programming Languages

I think I have figured out what happens with this program.

This is part of the markup.

<asp:ToolkitScriptManager ID="ToolkitScriptManager1" runat="server">
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="upGrid" runat="server">
<asp:GridView ID="dgvPeliculas"

MSBuild, custom task to run custom tool to generate classes for linq to sql model?
by Ken in Programming Languages

I have the following scenario. We use stored procedures to access the database and we use LiNQ 2 SQL to generate the classes or namely we use Unplugged LINQ to SQL Generator for this. It has been run as a custom tool but diffing the generated classes is a big pain in the neck. We would like to auto generate the classes but exclude it from version control so I set on the task of creating an msbu

Custom list definition + custom content type = showing only one form field?
by Nulq in Software

Trying to use features to deploy custom fields, content type and list. So far I have a content type referencing custom and builtin fields. Content type inherits Item (0x01).

Now, I create custom list definition that references content type and fields (builtin and custom ones). I explicitly set ShowInDisplayForm, ShowInEditForm, ShowInNewForm values to true, however when

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