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How to get data for an entity (for example customer) from eav_attribute table to be shown in Customer Grid for admin
by Zivic in Development Tools & Services

I have extended Magento’s customer information form to store an additional attribute for customer. Lets call it ‘customer_referrer_id’.

I have a role ‘referrer ‘ who has access to customer grid and order grid only. But, I want to restrict a referrer to see only those customers in the grid who have the customer_referrer_id set as the referrer’s id who has logged in. Simil

Remove phone from Magento Admin > Customer > Manage Customer > Address
by brennen in Web Design

I want to remove the field PHONE and FAX from the Magento customer administration. I already removed all the fields and validations in the frontend, but this field is still in the backend


Codeigniter - Datamapper - Create customer-referral and customer-referrer relationship
by swassbac in Development Tools & Services

I am using Codeigniter with Datamapper ORM and i have a table named 'customers' and i want to create a relationship between customers in order to show who is the referrer of the customer ( the one who brought him ) and who are the referrals of his ( those that have been brought by him)

I initially used advanced reciprocal relationship as described here and created a tab

magento customer creation and guest to be converted to regular customer
by Mason McCuskey in Development Tools & Services

Im using magento .Im using google checkout for the payment.
I buy a product as Checkout as Guest instead of creating an account(logging as guest) .
I give my email id as thomas@xyz.com in the billing address.Im able to buy the product.
After few days i again signup as guest sinc ei first logged in as a guest with the given email id customer account ot be created and the

Magento Customer Activation module hack customer group
by Joe in Programming Languages

I installed a free extension that requires admin approval before a customer can log in. I am hacking it to try to get it to allow all customer groups except for one. I think the following is the function that I would edit, but when I do a test registration the test cookie does not show up in my console. Any ideas?

* Flag new accounts as such

Selecting last chronological record per customer where each customer has many records across many dates
by reflexiv in Databases

I am trying to get the latest transaction for each member from a MySQL database where each member may have a different number of transaction records. I also have to link the transaction table to the customers table to ensure I don't get any SPECIAL ORDER records.

Here's my SQL:

Select membertransactions.maingym_id,

Customer Service Tips for Dealing With an Upset Customer
by Indonesia in Business
Handling angry people calmly and successfully is an art that should probably be taught to every human being beginning in second grade. Skilled customer service professionals need to be true masters of this art. When it's done well, addressing the issues behind anger may win you an extremely loyal customer and some great word of mouth or at least defuse potential damage to your business reputation.

magento customer/customer returns wrong values
by davidar in Programming Languages

I'm trying to import a bunch of customer information from Magento into an external application. The external application already knows their entity_ids, and I basically want to get their customer objects and modify some entries.

Here's the code (Thank you StackOverflow for helping me get set up!)

$collection = Mage::getModel('customer/customer');
/* each $key is

What Are the Customer Relationship Management Attributes on Customer Satisfaction?
by tolis626 in Business
In today's customer service model, it's not just what you can provide, but who you are that matters. That's where CRM -- customer relationship management -- comes in. Also known as customer service management, it's implemented with software tools, tailored surveys of customers' needs and behaviors, and data obtained from customers and potential customers. According to Ventana Research, 79 percent

Customer Service Tips on How to Deal With a Difficult Customer
by MeldarthX in Careers & Job Searching
Providing good customer service is critical in the business world. Customers who feel mistreated are likely to take their money elsewhere. Though good-natured customers are easy to please, not all encounters with the public are pleasant. As any employee with experience in customer service knows, difficult customers are an inevitable part of doing business. Though the experience may prove trying, h


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