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How to Install Cyanogenmod-6.0 for Evo 4G
by Baskaran in Electronics
For users with a rooted HTC EVO 4G, the third-party Android firmware CyanogenMod adds functionality that users can't get from the version of Android installed by carriers. If your own EVO is rooted, though, you can take advantage of CyanogenMod 6.0 through the automated installation package available through the group's website.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Rooted HTC

How to Load CyanogenMod Using ODIN
by krs in Electronics
CyanogenMod is an aftermarket program for Android-powered devices. It is used to enhance the performance of the phone, as well as add a few new customizable features. With CyanogenMod, users have the ability to remove notifications, add and change themes, use gesture recognition and touch-focus the camera. Install CyanogenMod using ODIN, a program made for the purpose of flashing files on Samsung

Android CyanogenMod FM Player app
by riahc3 in Programming Languages

Hi i am trying to build an FM player for cyanogen mod. I got the code form Cyanogen mod git


This is for those which use MIUI Rom.

Is there any way for me to compile the code and use it or customize it so as to built my on app. When I import it to eclipse i get error for may imports that are not supporte

How to use CyanogenMod-specific API properly
by krs in Programming Languages

I am interested in the ProfileManager api, but I am to ask some more generic question.

How to include the class for cyanogen mod?
Is there any SDK/library package, or shall I download the whole android_frameworks_base project?

How to configure eclipse to use this library?
Should I check android_frameworks_base as a library? Or do I have t

How to compile CyanogenMod's camera app.
by goffi in Programming Languages

how can I compile the aosp camera app without building the complete ROM? I know that I have to compile the Gallery2 with "mmm packages/apps/Gallery2" but the output is only 2,x MB small. But there's another file gallery2.odex. Is my way ok for compiling camera? And how can I install the apk and the odex?


Building CyanogenMod on Mac OS X - errors in strace
by apaunchev in Programming Languages

I'm trying to build CM9 on Mac OS X Lion, I followed all the instructions from android developers's site when set up the environment, then moved CM9 sources to my MacBook from Linux notebook via rsync, and when I rebuild it ($ brunch crespo), I'm getting this errors:

In file included from external/strace/syscall.c:121:
external/strace/linux/syscallent.h:359:3: error: #er

Python scripts for monkeyrunner on cyanogenMod
by Barry in Programming Languages

I have some scripts that run perfectly on htc desire with sense on it. But when I start my scripts on htc desire with cyanogenMod it throws a lot of weird exception. Is anybody familiar with this kind of topic ?

for example I have script that runs entirely good on sense, but on cyanogen it throws exception for time.sleep(10), if I comment this out (on cyanogen) I runs with no except

Android cyanogenmod 9.1: Intent shouldn't be sticky
by Cadu in Programming Languages

I'm testing my Android app on Cyanogen 9.1 (Android 4.0.4) and I found a weird behavior.

My app contains a BroadcastReceiver that listens to android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE.
According to Android documentation, this intent is not sticky.

However, when the app starts on CM9.1, it always receive a CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE intent.

Indeed, this intent is list

Eclipse setup for a single AOSP or CyanogenMod java application
by laptop302.vn in Java

Preamble: I am a Java Android developer. I know the standard Android development flow.

I want to start developing for AOSP-CM. I follow the guide for import the whole Java source code in Eclipse, using the .classpath file provided with the source code. So I have a Java Project with all the source code, and I can browse and edit everything.

The next step is try to setup a

OpenGL binds blank textures on Android 2.3.7(CyanogenMod-7) while it binds actual images on other Android versions
by Dave Lievense in Android

Bind code:

gl.glBindTexture (GL10.GL_TEXTURE_2D, id);
gl.glTexParameterf (GL10.GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL10.GL_TE

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