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Max Daily Budget exceeded and Billing Status “Changing Daily Budget”
by zdyne in Development Tools & Services

We've exceeded the Max Daily Budget for our app, but we can't increase the budget due to a serious flaw in Google's billing system. Google App Engine and Google Wallet do not have very capable support for multiple sign-in. As a result, I went to change the budget, but it used the wrong Google Wallet account (a different Google Account I was signed in as). I had to go back and try again, but

how to set Daily ID?
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

i want to set Daily ID to my tickets

Can tell the Sql server to Start every day from 0 and increase? the tomorrow start from 0 again?

i'm newbie to asp.net
please explain your answers

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How to Keep a Daily Log for Engineering
by vi edit in Careers & Job Searching
Keeping a daily log as an engineer is a necessity in any industry. A well kept log will show your employer what you have accomplished in any given day, including problematic issues, how you solved them, and the time you spent on them. An engineering log can be used not only as a time sheet for your employer, but also as a quality-control device to ensure that products are made correctly and that p

Shampoos for Daily Use
by semicolonth in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The right daily-use shampoo cleans and hydrates hair while also getting rid of excess oil, dirt and impurities. However, not all shampoos are created equal. Some shampoos contain harsh detergents that are also found in commercial cleaning products to create lather. The wrong shampoo can clean your hair, but it may also strip your locks of essential oils and moisture. Finding the right balance is k
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How Many Pushups Should I Do Daily?
by bikefixxer in Sports & Fitness
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How to Keep a Daily Sketchbook
by Koen Willemse in Hobbies, Games & Toys
To improve their skill, artists spend time practicing their craft. When life grows busy, many artists struggle to balance their responsibilities with their artistic intentions. A daily sketchbook helps keep an artist on track, forcing her to spend a few minutes improving her craft everyday. Since the only rule governing a daily sketchbook is to sketch every day, your imagination serves as the only

How do I Use a Daily Missal?
by Paul J Warner in Culture & Society
Daily worship in the Catholic church is standardized across regions not only by its use of particular rituals, but also certain prayers and specific biblical readings studied by congregants every day. A missal is a day-to-day guide of what happens during the day's service. Study the Missal Before the ServiceBefore you attend the day's Mass, flip to the day's readings in the Daily Missal. Review
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FDA & Daily Protein
by cpacini in Health
Protein is a vital nutrient, essential for the human body to perform at optimum levels and to maintain life. It is the building block for muscles, bone, hair, and tissues, necessary for chemical reactions, and it also provides structure for enzymes. The FDA recommends that protein be consumed each day from both animal and vegetable sources. History of Assessing Daily Protein ValueScientists in
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multiply value daily php
by George in PHP

I'm trying to make a script which penalizes a user daily after a time stamp.
For the first day, it will penalize 1 point, second day 2 points, third 4 points, fourth 8 point, 16, 32, 64 and so on.

How would I go about auto generating a strtotime and the multiplications?

I really don't even know what i'm looking for is called at this point which makes searching har

What Do Meteorologists Do Daily?
by drudge in Careers & Job Searching
People want to know about the weather forecast to plan all sorts of activities. If you have planned an outdoor party, for example, you will be interested in what the weather forecast looks like. Professionals such as traders making bets on agricultural futures and farmers also are interested in weather forecasts. A meteorologist studies the atmosphere and makes weather forecasts. Meteorologists c

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