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Which Damage Is Not Covered by Property Damage Liability Insurance?
by sarah in Personal Finance
Plenty of vehicle and property damage can occur at the time of an accident. Depending on the circumstances, the accident may involve a combination of vehicles, objects and property. Before you can determine which damages are covered by property damage liability insurance, you must first determine fault. Property Damage LiabilityProperty damage liability is an at-fault coverage designed to cover

ACL Damage in a Dog
by andystacy in Pets
ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) damage is the number one cause of lameness in dogs today, according to veterinarians Race Foster and Marty Smith. The ACL is one of the ligaments that stabilizes the stifle (knee) joint in dogs. The ACL is most commonly damaged when a dog twists a hind leg while running on a slippery surface or when a dog is hit by a car. Surgery may be the only option to repair AC
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Sod Damage
by Zack Harvey in Home & Garden
Sod damage can be caused by environmental factors or improper cultural practices. Fungal diseases and pests can harm areas or entire lawns within the growing season. Moreover, improper sod installation and care may cause sod to dry out or die. Diagnosing the sod damage will help you determine how to treat the problem. Fungal DiseasesFungal diseases, such as melting out, necrotic ring spot summe
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What Can Damage a PS3?
by hondaf17 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A damaged PlayStation 3 -- sometimes referred to as a bricked PS3 -- can be quite frustrating when all you want to do is do battle in a virtual world. A PS3 can become damaged for a variety of reasons, most of which are preventable. The more you know about taking care of your PS3, the longer it will last. The DustIf dust enters the inside of your PS3, it can cause your machine to fail. Dust can
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How to Get Rid of Sun Damage
by Bjørn Håkon in Health
Spending time outdoors without protecting your skin can result in a painful sunburn. Signs of sun damaged skin include redness, tenderness and burning. As the sunburn progresses, itching and peeling are likely to occur. However, there are ways to remedy a painful sunburn.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Pain medication

Take medication.

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Oil Pan Damage
by seigel in Cars
In most automobiles, the oil pan---the reservoir holding the oil that lubricates the motor's internal components---is situated beneath and behind the engine. The typically unshielded position leaves it vulnerable to some road hazards and bottom knocks resulting from driver error or an accident. Causes of Oil Pan DamageRocks and other debris thrown up from the road can damage a vehicle's oil pan
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How to Know If I Have Damage From an Ice Dam
by Boyer C. in Home & Garden
Ice dams or water shields refer to rims of frozen, hardened snow found on the edges of slanting roofs. Ice dams occur to the exterior of homes in the winter; they get their name because they act as a dam of frozen ice, preventing water and debris from flowing down and out of the gutter. Ice dams usually happen as a result of insufficient ceiling insulation. If you've discovered an ice dam along yo
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How to Fix Sun Damage on a Car
by Javier Pitalua in Cars
Having your car constantly out in the hot sun can cause it's paint to fade or look lackluster, especially if you car is a dark color like black, dark blue or red. The best way to fix sun damage on a car is using a rubbing compound, which can be found at any auto parts store. Choose one that has a fine or very fine cut in order to get the best results. With a little elbow grease, you can restore yo
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How to Tell if I Have Bat Damage
by Patastroph in Home & Garden
When most people think of pests that can damage your important property, things like raccoons, moles, rats and mice come to mind. But bats, the nocturnal creatures that most people associate with caves and vampires, can also be a pest and cause destruction of your home. Bats linger around swimming pools at night and in partially closed areas such as porches or doorways and can squeeze through narr
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What Can Damage DNA?
by Granville Barnett in Health
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material that exists in nearly all the cells in your body. It contains the genetic "instructions" for your cells. When DNA damage occurs, this can have a negative effect on your health. DNA damage that's not properly repaired can lead to apoptosis, or programmed cell death; genomic instability, or an increased tendency for your genes to mutate; and other
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