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How to Tell if a CD is Damaged
by Dave Lievense in Electronics
The time to check if a CD is damaged and may possibly be repaired is before you go to play it or insert it into your computer. Here are some questions to help you discover if it is damaged or just incompatible, even though it may have worked before.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Flip the CD over to see if there are any visible signs of damage such as scratches, grooves where they shoul
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How Will I Know If My PS3 Is Damaged?
by bigrod in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Sony PlayStation 3 uses a combination of light sequences and beeps to help identify problems when they arise. Entering the error code on the PlayStation (playstation.com) website will provide a detailed description of the problem and its solution. You can troubleshoot some problems, while others may require you to send the PS3 in for repairs. Lights FlashingThe PS3 will flash different colo
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How to Fix a Damaged USB on a PC
by skulldrinker in Computers
Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports provide a convenient way to connect a multitude of external storage devices and peripherals to your PC. There are a variety of things that can cause your USB port to appear damaged. Common problems include a power surge, lack of compatibility with devices or outdated device drivers. Windows' Device Manager utility gives you the ability to monitor and control your U
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How to Fix a Damaged CD
by TheStu in Arts & Entertainment
A damaged CD can be fixed by using Brasso, toothpaste or a banana. Whereas Brasso and toothpaste remove the scratches from a CD's surface by slowly eating away at the plastic surface layer of the CD (because of the fine grit found in Brasso and toothpaste), a banana fills in the scratches on a CD’s surface with the waxy residue of its peel.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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How to Recover a Damaged JPG
by Bateluer in Computers
If you have tried to open a picture file on your computer recently and it has come up with messages like "corrupt" or "damaged," you may be in luck. While some damaged JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group file extension) files are not recoverable, there's a quick trick you can try. If that fails, there are several software programs available to help. If you're trying to recover many files, it may
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How to Fix Damaged Credit
by Shailja in Personal Finance
A consistent pattern of on-time payments on all your accounts may be the best remedy for fixing your damaged credit. Not missing a payment for 12 to 24 months will likely boost your credit scores, albeit gradually. Eventually you will find it easier to qualify for mortgages, auto loans and other credit. There are other moves you can make as well---but don't expect a quick fix. The Federal Trade Co
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How to Know if I Have a Damaged VGA Cable
by errornosignal in Computers
VGA is a standard for delivering analog video between devices, such as a computer and a monitor. VGA connections typically use a 15-pin trapezoidal connector with three rows of five pins. VGA connectors are usually colored blue. If your screen is not displaying any video or is not being displayed how it should, you may have a damaged VGA cable. By troubleshooting which aspects of your computerR

How to Fix Damaged Pictures
by Zivic in Computers
When people are asked what they would save if their house caught on fire and they only had time to grab a few things, they often say they would save their photographs or photo albums. Old photographs often represent special memories and people in our lives, and with today's technology it is possible to restore old or damaged photographs. There are companies that restore old pictures, but if you ha
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How to Fix a Damaged File With AC3
by gorcorps in Computers
The .AC3 file extension is associated with the AC3 audio file format. If the AC3 file is damaged, the audio file will not play properly. You can fix damaged files using a corruption repair program, which will piece the information of the damaged audio file back together so that it becomes usable again. You can download corruption repair programs online for free.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio
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How to Know When Struts Are Damaged
by WicKeD in Cars
The struts on your car are designed to control the rebound of the springs every time you go over an irregular road surface. This happens very frequently while driving, which causes the struts to wear, after several thousand cycles of compressing and rebounding. When this happens, the struts lose their ability to control the rebound of the spring, creating a bouncy and uncomfortable ride. Worn stru


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