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Populating an ASP.Net Drop Down List with DataSet data from DataSet created with DataSet designer
Category : ASP & ASP.net

We have an ASP.Net / VB.Net web form containing a drop down list in the markup of the aspx file. There is also a DataSet created with the DataSet designer.

We would like to populate the drop down with data from the DataSet.

Can you show me some sample markup and / or VB.Net coding that is required to populate the drop down list with the DataSet data?

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Listing out all the names of ASP.Net methods and mappings for a DataSet created in DataSet Designer
Category : ASP & ASP.net

When a typed DataSet is created using the Visual Studio DataSet Designer, several methods, etc. are generated.



We have many DataSets created this way and it seems difficult to keep track of all names be

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How to create SAS code the loops on dataset on given libary and list the tables and how many obs in each dataset?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to create a macro with library name as input and which loops on all the datasets in that library and lists out the dataset name and number of obs in each dataset...
Is there any way to get this by querying dictionary??


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In R, what command do I use to generate a dataset consisting of the means of all column vectors in a dataset?
Category : Programming Languages

Some background: First, I wanted to generate multiple sets of samples (each of sample size n) from a uniform (0,1) distribution in [R]. I know that the command for generating from a uniform distribution is runif(n=x) for some sample size x, e.g. if I wanted sample size 20 the command would be


Next, I used the command

replicate( 100, runif(n=20

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How can I create DataSet using U2 Toolkit for .NET’s Add-ins and Visual Studio 2010 DataSet Designer?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to use U2NETDK’s feature ‘U2 Database Add-ins for Visual Studio’ to create a DataSet and use in different.NET application.

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Python algorithm to obtain a randomized negative dataset from a positive dataset
Category : Programming Languages

I have a file containing unique pairs of proteins, the positive dataset. Let's call it infile.
Below there's an example of the infile content:

Q03043 Q9VX24

The entries are tab separated.
The randomized dataset, let's call it outfile, must contain combinations of the individual prote

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Query dataset to filter data using LINQ without specifying specefic columns in a Dataset that is filled dynamically
Category : Programming Languages

Case 1

DataSet oDsParent = new DataSet();
DataTable odt = new DataTable();
odt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("DOC_GENO_KEY", typeof(int)));
odt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("RESOURCE_TYPE", typeof(string)));
odt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("ROUTING_SUB_ID", typeof(int)));
odt.Rows.Add(2, "TEST1", 2);
odt.Rows.Add(4, "ADMIN",

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Pass Value from one DataSet to another DataSet to filter row in Reporting Services 2008
Category : Programming Languages

I have 2 table stacked at a single page,one for filtering previous year and 2nd table for the current year and i pass in the same value from the DataSet to these two table , the only difference is that i need to filter it with the year using the Tablix Properties. Right now i am filtering the Year with the hardcoded value like 2008,2009 for 2nd table. I planned to do it dynamically, so i create

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How filter a dataset based on a nested dataset record count?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a Dataset i want to apply a filter based on a dataset-type field record count, something like: 'NESTED_DATASET_FIELD.RecordCount > 0'

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Draw chart for every row of the dataset in SSRS. Loop through dataset rows
Category : Coding

Could anyone help me with how can we create chart for every row of the dataset in SSRS (rdl) !

Suppose the dataset has the following data

Name Age

------- -------

A 25

B 26

C 22

3 chart needs to be drawn for the x-axis/y-axi

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