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How to Use DSum in a Datasheet
Category : Computers
DSum is a function in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It adds the numbers listed in rows and columns based on a given criteria. The syntax for the DSum function is: DSum( range, field, criteria).
Let's say a charity organization wants to analyze the fund-raising capacity of its patrons based on gender and age. This can be done using the DSum function in Excel.Difficulty:EasyInstructions De

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How to default to a datasheet view
Category : Software

How to setup Sharepoint to default to a datasheet view for a particular list?

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How to Make a Datasheet Add Like a Spreadsheet
Category : Computers
You can make a datasheet perform addition like a spreadsheet by using the Totals row feature. Microsoft Access uses datasheets to display the data in a table in row and column format. Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel also display data in row and column form, but a spreadsheet's primary purpose is to automate the process of performing calculations on numeric data. The Totals row feature allows you t

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Expandable Datasheet View
Category : Databases

Is there a way to have a nested crosstab displayed on a form?

I have a data hierarchy where the top-level crosstab defines the category and a header descriptor. The sub-level crosstab will take the header descriptor and represent the data.

Category, F1, F2, F3

Value, F1-val, F2-val, F3-val

F1 - F3 are not static en

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Datasheet View Resizing
Category : Databases

I have a Form - DatasheetView, that constantly shows execessive columns (no field/data) and i would like to resize the view port of the form to include only the fields shown.

Currently, i have all the fields on the form being Resized as Bestfit (ColumnWidth = -2) and not sure if that is what is causing the excessive columns to be shown.

How do i set the widt

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How to Import an Excel Datasheet in Word
Category : Computers
A huge draw for the Microsoft Office Suite is the cross compatibility of the software. Microsoft Word files can link to Excel files, which can update your Word document as new information is added to the Excel file. In order to import the Excel datasheet information, it must be copied and pasted into a Word document. Once the datasheet is imported into Word, it is then customizable to fit your doc

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MS-Access unbound ComboBox in DataSheet?
Category : Databases

In ms-access 2007, i'm trying to make a form for a table. this table has foreign keys from 2 parent tables. so i thought i would make these fields a lookup. but i couldn't create a single lookup for each parent table because they are composite keys.

I decided to create a query in which for each of these parent tables and the child table with an extra field for each composite key. th

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DataSheet View - Uneditable Field
Category : Databases

I have a Pivot/CrossTab Form that i need to have it so that the left Field/Column is uneditable while the other column/fields are editable.

Is there a way to change the color of the TextBox to be non-Grey when Disabled?

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Quick filter in datasheet is missing
Category : Databases

I have a subform in datasheet view mode and it has missing the filter option that generally appear with checkboxes.


By qick filter and checkboxes for filter I mean this:

Can somebody tell me how can I get that back?

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Reading and understanding MCU datasheet and codes
Category : Web Design

Are there any tips for reading source code samples from manufacturer of MCUs'.
I am a newbie for mcu programming, currently I have a MCU, datasheet and sample codes for them. But problem is sample codes are seems written for experienced users. Too many questions about why they initialized RS232, why they set 4th bit of port 1 and etc.,

Do you have a tips for reading or links where

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