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If Statement Hell, How to check if a date passed matches a date within 3 days but only if the date doesnt match the other conditions
by Piriya in Programming Languages

As the garbled question says I'm basically looking for a tidier way to do the following snip.
(its used in a calendar for availability matching)

//TODO: Optimize elseif Statement
if (date.Year == now.Year && date.Month == now.Month && day == now.Day)
daysXhtml.Append("<td class="today">" + day.ToStrin

Convert free text date value to date data type leads to future year in converted date
by Hugo in Databases

I am facing problem with conversion of freetext DOB (Date of Birth) value to valid date data type. I am using SQL Server 2008 R2.

Following is the example.

When free text date value 01/28/48 is being converted through convert function of SQL then it is showing 2048 as year instead of 1948 which is future year and it is

how do I: setup date function in node output to format date from to - date to, then start and finish times
by mikieb in Web Design

currently the output from my date field entries reads like this
Sun, 25/04/2010 - 10:00am - Sun, 02/05/2010 - 5:00pm
but I would prefer it to read like this
Sun, 25/04/2010 - Sun, 02/05/2010 10:00am - 5:00pm
is there a drupal beginner way of doing this?

How to convert String date (12-02-2012) to System date format (/Date(1325376000000)/) in ruby on rails?
by Lex Viatkine in Programming Languages

From UI form i am passing date in dd-mm-yyyy format. How can i convert String date in Json format as given in title.

How to change date format of a jQuery Date Picker plugin (Jonathan Leighton Input Date)
by krs in Coding

I am using Jonathan Leighton's Date Picker Plugin (Input Date)
URl : http://jonathanleighton.com/projects/date-input

The problem is, The selected date is in the format "16 Aug 2010"

I want it to be in the format of "2010-08-16" i..e yyyy-mm-dd

Also, is it possible to include timings as well.. i..e set both date and time using this plugin??


JavaScript date function returns “Date {Invalid Date}” in Firefox browser
by Trevor Cortez in Coding

Facing a problem with JavaScript Date function, returns "Date {Invalid Date}" in Firefox browser but works fine in Google chrome.

// My Input is
new Date("Sat Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1");
// Works fine in google chrome
// Result: Mon Jan 01 2001 10:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
// Not working in Firefox (Version: 15.0.1)
// R

How to get date between start date and end date? (excluding date on weekend)
by Mark Tran in Web Design

Hi want to get a date list between start date and end date. For example start date is 27-08-2010 and end date is 31-08-2010. So the date list is 27-08-2010,30-08-2010 and 31-08-2010. 29-08-2010 and 30-08-2010 will be ignore because it is in the weekend. I attach the picture for more clearer explanation. How to achieve this using javascript or jquery? I only want to get the list of date, for the

Jquery Date Picker: Append Start Date to End Date and display dates in the future only
by iNate2000 in Coding

I am using Jquery Date pickers to get Start and End Dates for an application I am building.

I have two datepickers, one for a start date and one for an end date.

When someone clicks a date in the start date picker I need that date to be appended automatically to the end date picker.

I also need the end date picker to select future dates only from the date tha

How to convert rome date format “Sun Jan 08 02:25:00 IST 2012” date to sql date
by Veliko in Programming Languages

I am using rome 0.9 for getting rss feeds.but from that getting blog post's date
as in the format "Sun Jan 08 02:25:00 IST 2012" .

I am unable to convert this date format to the sql date format.Actually i want to sort the blog posts according to the post date.

How to parse the date.

relating two kendo date pickers to make sure To date is always greater than or equal to From date
by undeinpirat in Web Design

is there any default way in kendo DatePicker for ensuring (and alerting user accordingly) that To date is always greater than or equal to From date.

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