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Rails 3.1.8 strange timezone behaviour. subtracting dates.to_i gives zero, ruby says dates are different
by tayles in Coding

I'm upgrading from rails 3 to 3.1.8 (and onwards). A couple of my tests are failing, one of which seemed at first glance to be because of the change from mysql2 gem (0.2.x to 0.3.x). However, it gets a little stranger. Here's what's happening.

In my test I am updating attributes on a model, and checking that they've saved:

post :create, :advertisement =>

How to group by week of the year dates or day dates that start on Sundays in oracle 10?
by orson in Databases

Given a table:

day_date (form of yyyy-mm-dd)

I want to group the data by weeks, and the start of each week goes from Sunday to Saturday, but I want to display the day_date.

I have looked around all over, and I'm rusty on my SQL.


Filter “between” certain dates with dates stored as text values
by RandomWords in Coding

I have SSRS Report with a text field MonthYear, containing values like "September 2012", "October 2012", etc.

I need to do a "between" filter, for example September 2012 - February 2013.

However, it seems to be imposible to do this any easy way, because this fields are in text format. I think that I have to convert this field to an integer format and then filter, but I

Access Report Dates Display As Serial Dates in Excel 2003
by BiaachMonkie in Computers
Access is database software well known for its ability to store, manipulate and report data. Because Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite, the reports created in Access can be exported to Excel. Date formatThe date format options in Access provide for a several date formats which can include the day, date or time or any combination of the three. The format can be specified in the table,

Query to find records where a date is between start and end dates, where the dates might be reset to 0
by Brazil in Databases

We have weekly recurring events in our application, and have decided to store the start and end times for each event as the number of seconds from the beginning of the week (Sunday 12am). This makes querying, sorting, etc. much easier.

However, there is one small problem: If we want to get the event that is happening at a time near the week reset, that event could bridge that gap, a

MySQL JOIN to pull up latest posts by comparing post dates and comments dates
by jrok96 in Databases

Well, I have two tables community and community_comments.
community is the table where the topic title and other details of the topic is stored.
community_details is the table in which all the posts or comments for the topic/thread is stored.

I need to pull up the latest five topics based on the comments date for threads as well as date of the original topic/thread.

how to highlight the previous dates and the next dates as compared to today's date in different colors in jquery datepicker?
by lockdown571 in Programming Languages

i am using a jquery datepicker for showing the calendar in my code. i am using the beforeshowDay event to highlight selected dates. How can i assign different colors to the previous and next dates in this datepicker?

my beforeshowDay event calls the highlightDays fn as:

function highlightDays(date) {
for (var i = 0; i < new_date_array_1.length;

NSDateFormatter returns wrong dates for older dates on iphones having Asia/Singapore timezones
by Mark W in Programming Languages

I was building an application that will display a user's birthday.

The server is set to return unix timestamp.
The iPhone I am using is set to Singapore timezone.

For some users, their birthday can be displayed properly
But for some other users, the displayed birthday is one day earlier than the intended birthday.

I did a test and I notices that, fo

i am using a pure javascript calendar for displaying the dates. i want to implement a swipe functionality to load the previous and the next dates
by WicKeD in Javascript

i am using a pure javascript function for displaying a calendar in a HTML5 page.
how can i implement a swipe functionality without using the hyperlinks.
a part of the code is:cal += 'previous year';

Extracting dates from a Microsoft Excel file when dates are in many different formats
by Jon Riegel in Programming Languages

I have been given an excel file with dates in a column for about 17000 rows. The problem here is that the dates are not reliable and the cells have varying formats. Some are formatted as plain text, some are in the "general" format, yet others are in one of several available date formats. In one case, I even found a date in a cell formatted as mm/dd/yyyy yet the date is showing up as 20/05/1989

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