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How to store and collect data for mining such information as most viewed for last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days?
by Nothingness in Development Tools & Services

Let's imagine that we have high traffic project (a tube site) which should provide sorting using this options (NOT IN REAL TIME). Number of videos is about 200K and all information about videos is stored in MySQL. Number of daily video views is about 1.5KK. As instruments we have Hard Disk Drive (text files), MySQL, Redis.

top viewed
top viewed last 24 hours

Display real time years, months, weeks and days between 2 days in JavaScript
by ShayH in Javascript

This is what I've coded it up, and it appears to work.

window.onload = function() {
var currentSpan = document.getElementById('current');
var minute = 60000,
hour = minute * 60,
day = hour * 24,
week = day * 7,
month = week * 4,
year = day * 365;
var start = new Date(2009, 6, 1);

How to convert get Days,Weeks,Months,Years from Days(in terms of daily savings)
by NoTine42 in Programming Languages

So I am working on a little savings app for Android.
I have three values thats I need to work with.
I have a value for the daily amount of savings, another for the monthly savings, and another for the yearly savings.
I then want to put in an object to purchase. And the output the number of years,months,days,weeks till you can buy this object.

I want it to be formated

Retriving data from SQLite in the range of 3 days before current date and 3 days after
by kakashi_ in Programming Languages

What I am trying to achieve is retrieve records from SQLite database which are in the range of 3 days before current date and 3 days after current date including current date.

How it can be done ?

Android How to change Total number of days into years,months and days exactly?
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

i am doing an app that is related to get the age of a person according to the given input of birthday date. for that i am getting the total number of days from that date to the current date from the below code.

String strThatDay = "1991/05/10";
SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd");
Date d = null;
try {

Converting php time into days, filling in blank days, then counting the result
by Tim Tyrrell in PHP
function convertDates($timestamp) {
return date('Y-d-m', $timestamp);
$days = array(); //store all the times in this array
$occurences = array(); //count all the occurences for each day
$complete = array(); //fill in missing days in this array
$zero = array(); //missing days mean zero
$query = mysql_query("SELECT `login` FROM `statistics

php incremente a date of x days / concatenation / management of days off and weekend
by JoeKaras in Web Design

I'm trying to do a simply addition,
Just in order to display some dates so Acutaly

I've done something like that:

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($qry)):
echo $req="INSERT INTO `agenda` SET
`code_s`= '".$row['code_s']."',
`titre` ='".$row['titre']."',
`action` ='".$row['action']."',

insert number of days of year, months, days of month
by doubledeluxe in Programming Languages

How can I insert in a database the number of days of the year and at the same time insert in the same record the month, day of the month, and the day of the week?
This is my table:

tabela/coluna.Dias_ano(registo 1...365)

diasano.Text:= IntToStr( DaysInAYear(Year) );

diasAno| Mes |diames |dia semana |
1 | janei

Determining “days” in python when the timedelta.days is less than one
by mvt in Coding

sorry in advance if this is dense. I am trying to find the days since I last posted a tweet. The problem I am running into is when the dates are different, e.g., today and yesterday, but not enough hours have passed to be a full "day."

# "created_at" is part of the Twitter API, returned as UTC time. The
# timedelta here is to account for the fact I am on the west coast, USA

Determine regional business days and weekend days of the week
by Guilherme Costa in Operating Systems

In some countries weekend days are Friday/Saturday.

How can a Windows application find out weekend days of the user?

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