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Debian packaging - treatment of modified/created files, debian/rules
by clifton anderson in Operating Systems

I've a couple of questions regarding treatment of files produced during the build of a library that I want to package under Ubuntu. I'm using the dh_make infrastructure, so I get a "debian" folder with various scripts in etc.

(1) I'd like to modify a library Makefile before the build takes place so that it has a reference to $(CURDIR) in it (to ensure that stuff is installed to the

How to Set Up VNC on Debian
by Christian Seitzer in Computers
VNC, or virtual network computing, is a remote desktop access system similar to the Windows remote desktop feature. Logging into a VNC server with a VNC client displays the server's desktop in a window on the client's computer, and users can use it as if they were sitting at the computer running the VNC server. VNC servers and clients are available for a variety of operating systems, including Lin
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Debian cc flat_namespace
by Phil Austin in Programming Languages

How can I install headerdoc on a UNIX system, Debian, when I hit make, it complains
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-flat_namespace" when I remove that option from Makefile it won't compile.

How to Update Debian
by Keoki619 in Computers
Debian Linux has an intuitive package management system that lets you download one program or upgrade the entire system. With thousands of programs in its repositories, Debian can pull together all the peripheral software (or "dependencies") your new program needs to run, and it can install them. A system upgrade takes much more time and bandwidth, but the Apt and Synaptic package programs -- whic
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How to Add a User in Debian
by Viren in Computers
Adding new users is a very important skill for a system administrator, whether you're operating a Debian-based computer at your workplace or at home. You can add new users using only a single shell script included with the operating system, allowing you to create the user account, set the password and give the user a home on the filesystem to call his own.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open a shel
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How to Set Up an FTP Server on Debian
by Stas in Computers
Debian is one of the various versions of the Linux operating system. You can use the Debian operating system as a base to create an FTP server on your computer. FTP (file transfer protocol) is for uploading and downloading files to a central computer (server). Once the FTP server is set up, other users can access it by using FTP client software. Debian does not have the FTP server software install
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How to Configure a VNC in Debian
by Platinumjsi in Computers
VNC is an application that allows you access to a remote computer. This includes the ability to run programs from the remote computer just as if you were directly using that computer. One of the best things about VNC is its ability to be platform independent, meaning that it can run on any operating system. Debian is a stable and solid Linux operating system. Debian is versatile in its abilities a
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How to Install VNC on Debian
by NikolaeVarius in Business
The VNC (virtual network computing) protocol is used to access and run programs on a remote machine and view the results on a local computer's screen. Corporations and educational institutions typically do not allow direct connections to VNC for security reasons. SSH is used to tunnel VNC for different hosts such as Debian, MAC OS and Windows OS. VNC can be installed and used on a Debian host with
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How to Add Bootsplash to Debian PPC
by fayoh in Computers
Debian Linux is available for a variety of platforms, including Apple Power PCs (PPC). The PPC version of Debian differs only during the start-up process. The bootsplash is the screen or image displayed during the start-up process. The default Debian PPC installation doesn't show a bootspash; instead, it displays the start-up progress, including services as they start and the file system mounting

pygsl in debian
by Patastroph in Web Design

Is it possible to install pygsl in Debian? I am using the package and someone with Debian is not sure how to install it without ruining his packaging (since it's not in apt-get.)

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