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How to debug a plugin or gem using ruby-debug gem, where the part I wanted to debug started from test scripts?
by Sankarsan Bose in Programming Languages

For example I have this gem called Authlogic-openid, that plugin is outdated, no longer supported, and broken (let me know if you know any alternative by the way).

I wanted to make sure the test runs by keying ctrl+R on vendor/gems/authlogic-oid-1.0.4/test/acts_as_authentic_test.rb

[Please do not attempt to try my steps below, the gem itself was already broken apart so I

Not able to debug junit. On debug it runs the unit test without stoping at debug point
by Anton Tupy in Development Tools & Services

I am not able to debug junit.
On running the unit test in debug mode, runs the test without stopping at the debug point.

Publish in debug mode but compiler removes code inside #if debug
by rcpratt in Programming Languages

I'm only publishing in debug mode to test on my local machine and I was hoping the '#if debug' mode would work so that I could test features that I don't want in production yet.

When I publish in debug mode the web.config still has

<compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.0">

but when

Missing Debug|Any CPU build config for projects and defaultiing to Debug|x86 on Windows x64
by witeken in Programming Languages

I've just recently reinstalled Windows 7 x64 on my box. The installation succeeded and I've had no issues with the operating system as a whole. I believe there is a configuration issue with either Windows or .NET x64.


The default build configurations for new projects is Debug|x86.
This doesn't feel right. I'm running an x64 OS, and I'm reasonably confident tha

how to debug maven surefire test more easily (using eclipse as debug server)
by Dave Lievense in Programming Languages

I'm using maven / surefire / eclipse to write some code and later test / debug it.

Standard way to do it is by using maven.surefire.debug maven property. By default, when this property is enabled, maven starts listening on port 5005 and I can attach to the debugged process using remote debugger. When the test finishes remote debugger disconnects from the server.

This pro

C# : compiling with /debug+ /debug:pdbonly /optimize- is optimizing the runtime code
by Neuromaster in Network & Servers

is it a bug? here is the code

static void Main(string[] args)
static void fun1()
static void fun2()
throw new Exception("test exception");

build with the above option in VS 2008, with Optimize option not selected and Build advanced options debug info select pdbonly and c

Debug Techniques: Visual Studio 2008 Process fatal crash after debug of WPF application
by nobodyzzz in Programming Languages

I have a relatively large C#/WPF Visual Studio 2008 solution that I am trying to test and synchronize across 2 developer's computers. On my computer, I am able to build and debug (run) the project successfully without errors.

On the second computer, I am able to build the solution without any errors. When I attempt to run the solution, Visual Studio starts the process but about 3 s

Application rarely completes loading in debug mode, but “run without debug” loads fine
by ruby in Programming Languages

F5 -> stalls at a random point

Ctrl-F5 -> loads instantly. Meaning I then have to "attach to
process" to debug.

This gets annoying if I want to change code and have it reflected straight away.

Would this have something to do with loading source for symbols? I've tried pausing the application when run under normal debug mode but it'll be paused in

How do I debug wireless problems on a mobile app when it has to be wired to run in debug mode?
by 1sikbITCH in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to track down some bugs on a Windows Mobile 5.0 app. The testers can reproduce these bugs no problem, but I can't. They are using the devices across a wireless network, but I'm always running the app in an emulator, or on the actual device while it's in its cradle. In other words I always have a hard-wired connection.

I'm not sure how to approach this. Boatloads of lo

Module does not run Write-Debug when -Debug was passed in to calling script
by Londo_Jowo in Network & Servers

I have a module that has the following function.


function Do-Stuff
Write-Debug 'Doing stuff!'
Write-Host $Stuff

And I have a script that imports the module.




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