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In-Facebook sharing of URLs doesn't pull in og: tag information until run through debugger (even though debugger gives no errors)
by Chennai in Development Tools & Services

Here's an example URL:


The above used to pull in no image, title or description when pasted into the Facebook status update box -- it remained a bare URL. I then ran it through the debugger, which found no problems. It now pulls in the headline, image and description when pasted into the

C# - How to continue after failing to attach debugger - System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch()
by Matt Watson in Development Tools & Services

I attach a debugger by passing '-d' as a command line parameter to my console app. That causes the following code to be called;

bool attachedDebugger = false;
attachedDebugger = System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch();
catch (Exception) { }
Console.WriteLine(attachedDebugger ? "Debugger Attached" : "Failed to attach deb

Attaching a debugger to a running process on Vista or Windows 7 using Debugger.Break()
by The_Eclectic1 in Development Tools & Services

When encountering a Debugger.Break() statement on Vista, you will get this message instead:

"SomeProcess.exe has encountered a user-defined breakpoint."

If you click options in the right order, you might be able to attach your debugger. if you don't, you won't. How do you force Windows to give you the Attach dialog every time?

Can't use Mono Soft Debugger Remote Debugging because 'debugger-agent: DWP handshake failed' error
by Meghan54 in Programming Languages

I've embedded mono in my application. The application is console application that supports plug-ins. Plug-ins are .NET assemblies. All work great, but i want to debug them. To enable debugging in my C-code i have:

soft_debug = getenv("MYAPP_SOFT_DEBUG");
if (soft_debug !

linux, freepascal, fp-ide: No debugger support availble. How to enable debugger?
by Delaware in Operating Systems

How to enable debugger in fp-ide? I read somewhere that I should compile fp-ide from sources, but I don't know how to do this. Can someone help me?

Prevent Chrome Debugger to reload Page when resuming debugger
by Mistere in Web Design

My Webpage contains following items -

Master page. UpdatePanel. UserControls. jQuery code.

While debugging, JS in chrome when I continue (F5) I expect the page to load and stay. But actually the page reloads. How do you prevent this situattion ?

How to help the debugger see my javascript, or how to best refactor my script to help make it debugger-friendly?
by Itchrelief in Javascript

I have an ASP.NET MVC project that uses some simple AJAX functionality through jQuery's $.get method like so:

$.get(myUrl, null, function(result) {

The amount of content is relatively low here -- usually a single div with a short blurb of text. Sometimes, however, I am also injecting some javascript into the p

Debugging stored procedures, without using SSMS 2008 Debugger, or the Visual Studio debugger (output variable values?)
by greggerz in Databases

I have a SQL Server 2005 database with some Stored Procedures (SP) that I would like to debug...essentially I would just like to check variable values at certain points throughout the SP execution.

I have SSMS 2008, but when I try to use the debugger, I get an error that it can't debug SQL Server 2005 databases. And I can't use the Visual Studio debugger (by stepping into the SP vi

Ruby debugger: “INTERNAL ERROR!!! undefined method `skip_next_exception' for Debugger:Module” (OSX 10.7 Lion)
by akr in Programming Languages

Using the debugger gem, I get the following error when attempting to use the 'skip' command:

INTERNAL ERROR!!! undefined method `skip_next_exception' for

Ruby Version: 1.9.3-p194
RubyGems Version: 1.8.24
OS: OSX 10.7 Lion

Is this a bug in the debugger or simply user error?

Python PDB Debugger (code working in debugger but not in SciTE)
by Raphaël Slinckx in Programming Languages

I have a problem with the Python PDB Debugger and my code written in SciTE.

So I have a class called "func". This class has a method called "hermite". I am using the PDB Debugger to figure out why my program is freezing whenever it is executing this method.

I start with:


The program freezes whe

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