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field declared void / struct or variable not declared in this scope
by php in Programming Languages

I've been teaching myself some OpenGL using SFML for creating windows/handling inputs, etc. My main.cpp started getting a bit unwieldy so I decided to start splitting my code up. I created a 4X_vertex.h and a 4X_vertex.cpp (4X is the name of the project) and moved the relevant functions and structs out of my main and into these files. However, when I compile, I get the error


Lisp warning: xx is neither declared nor bound, it will be treated as if it were declared SPECIAL
by DigDog in Programming Languages

I am new to lisp and am writing a few simple programs to get more familiar with it. One of the things I am doing is writing a recursive and iterative version of a factorial method. However, I have come across a problem and can't seem to solve it.

I saw a similar error at
but a solution wa

C++ Why am I unable to use an enum declared globally outside of the class it was declared in?
by jrf in Programming Languages

Right now, my project has two classes and a main. Since the two classes inherit from each other, they are both using forward declarations. In the first object, right underneath the #include statement, I initialize two enums, before the class definition. I can use both enums just fine inside that class. However, if I try to use those enums in the other class, which inherits from the first one, I

Global initialized variables declared as “const” go to text segment, while those declared “Static” go to data segment. Why?
by jmccliment in Programming Languages
#include <stdio.h>
const int str[1000] = {0};
int main(void)
printf("arr is %d
", str[0]);
return 0;

Has the following output:

[-exercises/adam/stack2]:size a.out
text data bss dec hex filename
5133 272 24 5429 1535 a.out


Accessing variable declared in aspx.cs in aspx or variable declared in ascx.cs ascx page
by Samuel K in Programming Languages

I was asked a question in an interview, weather we can access a publically declared variable which is been declared in aspx.cs or ascx.cs page in aspx or ascx page respectively.

C++: Has Not Been Declared
by David in Programming Languages

I have seen this type of error everywhere and, although I have looked at the answers, none seem to help.

I get the following error with the following piece of code:

error: 'A' has not been declared


#include "A.h"
class B{
static bool doX(A *a);


include "B.
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NDK: has not been declared
by knockout-2.0 in Programming Languages

I am compiling the C++ code using Android native library NDK but I am getting the following errors while trying to include the g729a.h file in g729_jni.cpp:


Compile++ arm : g729_jni <= g729_jni.cpp
/usr/src/android-ndk-r8/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3/prebuilt/linux-x86/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-g++ -MMD -MP -MF ./obj/local/armeabi/objs/g72
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Go — declared and not used
by Rhoxed in Programming Languages

Hi everyone — what's wrong with this code?

package main
import "fmt"
// fibonacci is a function that returns
// a function that returns an int.
func fibonacci() func() int {
prev := 0
curr := 1
return func() int {
temp := curr
curr := curr + prev
prev := temp
return curr
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C++: has not been declared error
by Calve Martin in Programming Languages

I'm trying to implement a linked list but get a
intSLLst.cpp:38: error: ‘intSLList’ has not been declared
error when compiling. intSLList looks like it's been declared to me though so I'm really confused.


#include <iostream>
#include "intSLLst.h"
int intSLList::deleteFromHead(){
int main(){

NSManagedObjectContext, declared where?
by dreampunchboy in Programming Languages

Sorry for the newbness that follows. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

When adding a new object to core data, the correct initializer is this:

- (id)initWithEntity:(NSEntityDescription *)entity insertIntoManagedObjectContext: (NSManagedObjectContext *)context

Ok, so the initWithEntity part I understand. I only have one entity in my core da


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