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Mac Vim: How can I change the default text color to be green? Default font? Macvim manual?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have installed MacVim but I cannot figure out how to do some formatting things.

The screen shot below shows:

the file class1.jak (custom file type I have defined) open in both macvim and vim
the left one is macvim
the right one is the terminal

Here is what I would like to do:

The default color of my terminal is green. I would like the de

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How to set a default value for select_tag in Rails and ensure the default value reloads on page refresh
Category : Web Design


I have a view page(abc.html.haml) with 2 drop down options A and B. A, B are lists which hold a set of records whose parts I am showcasing through the UI.

By default on hitting the controller#index action(called via browser url), the page populates with the records from the A list.

I then have an Ajax call which populates the same page with the rec

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How to restore Override Default button for default value in SSRS parameters configuration
Category : Coding

If I click on an Override Default button, a textbox appears. How do I get the Override Default button back?

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Remove the default interface CakePHP links in default Cake apps?
Category : Programming Languages

How do I get rid of the default "CakePHP: the rapid development php framework" link that shows up on the top left on every page of Cake app's with default configurations? It's not part of the view, and the only way I can think of is to display:none the div in the CSS.

I'm thinking there has to be some setting in the app's configuration.

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How to set up Drupal default front page (view) to open in other language than default
Category : Web Design

I need to open view with particular path as front page. Everything would be nice except the view must be open in another language than default (english).

Tryinig to prefix language in Site information settings or adding path alias with that prefix fails as Drupal says "tha path xxx is invalid" 'cause Drupal prefixes language automatically.

I've come up to thought to hac

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how to change a text column that default to null to default to '' in a rails migration
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am trying to write a migration to handle the null -> ' conversion but it doesn't seem to be working. I have:

def up
change_column :items, :detail, :text, :default => '

Is this correct syntax?


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IE7 default form method is “GET”. How can I tell if it's user-entered or default?
Category : Web Design

If a user creates a form without a method attribute, it seems like most browsers will handle this at the time of form submission. So upon inspection of the form element after the DOM is ready, you can see that there is no "method" attr of the form element object.

IE7, however, apparently sets a default method value of "GET" on all forms without a method value. I don't want to argue

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Default arguments with default values in Thrift Python client
Category : Programming Languages

I have Python client calls a Thrift service with some optional parameters like this:

bool postTweet(1: required Tweet tweet, 2: i32 x = 100);

If I tried to call this service from Python client without passing the optional parameter x, I get an exception:

TypeError: postTweet() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

Any clues w

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C# 4 default parameter values: How to assign a default DateTime/object value?
Category : Programming Languages

If DateTime is an object and default C# parameters can only be assigned compile-time constants, how do you provide default values for objects like DateTime?

I am trying to initialize values in a POCO with a constructor, using named parameters with default values.

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Remove default routes only for default module in Zend Framework
Category : Programming Languages

I have 2 modules: default and admin.

For default module I created custom and removed default routes because I don't want my web works with booth (custom and default).
But I want to use default routes for admin module.

Can I set default routes only for one module ?
how to do this in Zend Framework ?

If I set


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