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JS/jQuery delay loop to get desire result (delay() not working)
by IeraseU in Web Design

I'm trying to create an loading icon by moving the css 'background-position' of an image in a loop:

$('#LoginButton').click(function () {
var i = 1, h = 0, top;
for (i = 0; i <= 12; i++) {
h = i * 40;
top = h + 'px';
$('#ajaxLoading').css('background-position', '0 -' + top).delay(800);

jquery delay() doesn't delay attr() in the queue
by Kronvict in Programming Languages

what is wrong in this code? I'm trying to get this effect: fadeOut(500) and attr('class','myClass') delayed by 600 millisecs.. then delay(600) again, and fadeIn(500). The delays happen correctly but the attr() is not being delayed, it fires when #myDiv is still fading! :'(


.delay doesn't seem to delay .fadeOut/.fadeIn
by Comfly in Programming Languages

I'm having an issue with the following line of code.

$("#chicken").delay(scrolllen).fadeOut(0).removeClass("flipped").css({ left: 900 + "px" , top : 2370 + "px"}).fadeIn(0).animate({ left: 1500 + "px" , top : 2370 + "px"}, 5000, 'linear');

So I'm having other animations happen. They take scrolllen so I have the delay so that it waits for the end

Fiddler: request-trickle-delay and response-trickle-delay not working?
by Jeeebus in Development Tools & Services

I'm scratching my head trying to get Fiddler to delay in a manner that replicates one of our broadband internet connections. I've got a WCF Visual Studio 2012 project where I want Fiddler to throttle. It seems that if I set the request-trickle-delay and response-trickle-delay to numbers as low as "2" it still continues to act as if it should delay using the default settings (or maybe worse, i

How to Add Delay to an LED
by Deledrius in Computers
A simple way to add turn-on and turn-off delay to an LED circuit is to connect a resistor and capacitor in series to form an RC circuit. It takes time for a capacitor to charge/discharge through a resistor. The time is determined by T = R x C, where R is the resistance in ohms, C is the capacitance in Farads and T is time in seconds. The value of RC is actually the time it takes for the capacitor
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how do i map <c-j> without a delay
by cmt95 in Development Tools & Services

I dont care what <c-j> does (I think new line or something?)

I've been using kj very quickly to enter normal mode instead of <esc> but im finding this irritating every time i type a k or j it jumbles them up. It never affects the code because as soon as i type past it they fix instantly but im still getting tired of seeing that.

TAGS : without delay

Delay on PIC18F
by igv in Programming Languages

I'm using a PIC18F14K50 with HiTech ANSI C Compiler and MPLAB v8.43. My PIC code is finally up and running and working, with the exception of the delay function. This is crucial for my application - I need it to be in certain states for a given number of milliseconds, seconds, or minutes.

I have been trying to find a solution for this for about 2 weeks but have been unsuccessful so

TAGS : Delay PIC18F

.delay not working
by Pedro Varela in Programming Languages

I am relatively new to jQuery so this may be a beginners mistake, but for some reason I can't get the .delay() function to work.

The code I am working with is:

$(document).ready(function() {
$("div#main").animate({opacity: 1}.delay(1000), 'slow');


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Delay On Assembler?
by codemnky in Programming Languages

I want to know how i can do delay (Timer) on assembler 16 bit on PC.
Thank You for helping,

OS: Windows


inc bx
cmp bx,WORD ptr[time]
je delay2
jmp delay
inc dx
cmp dx,WORD ptr[time2]
je delay3
jmp delay
mov bx,0
TAGS : Delay Assembler

Run Function After Delay
by Mansur in Programming Languages

I have the below global jQuery function stored, but on page load, I want to execute it after a 1000 delay. Is there something wrong with my syntax? I know the delay always goes before the function. I it is not responding.

Thank you stack gods.

Global function:

function showpanel() {

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