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boost::ptr_vector containing arrays: Can I be sure that its destructor calls delete[] instead of delete?
by ziqew in Programming Languages

I have the following case:

boost::ptr_vector<float> vec;
float* array = new float[4]();
// Add some more elements to vec..

How can I ensure that if I leave this scope and vec will be destroyed the ptr_vector's destructor calls


and not


Does it Delete Chat History When You Delete Someone as a Friend on Facebook?
by niswilsonnissen in Internet
When you remove a Facebook friend from your friend list, the entire communication record remains, including your chat history. This integrated record is called a conversation. Regardless of which party deleted which, both parties can still access the full conversation, and deleting a message doesn't delete it for the other party. Deleting a FriendRemoving a Facebook friend breaks the connection

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by Steve O. in Internet
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by Andrés León Álvarez in Computers
If a file on your computer fails to delete, a program that is currently running is probably using it. Deleting it may prevent the program from running properly and may even destabilize your whole system. Leaving it probably will not harm anything; if Windows describes its file size as having 0 bytes, it clearly doesn't consume much space. Yet if you really want to delete the file, you can often do

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by timswim78 in Computers
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to remove software that is, seemingly, indelible. More than likely, when you cannot delete a program via your computer's program removal program, a manual removal is the next viable step. Using a removal software program is also an alternative, but a manual deletion prevents taking up any more unnecessary space on your hard drive.Difficulty:ModerateIns

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by ponchopilate in Computers
For reasons unknown, certain files or documents in Windows XP sometimes cannot be deleted using the graphical interface of Windows. This issue often surfaces by telling you that the file is protected and can't be removed. However, you can still delete the file from your system by using the command line prompt built into Windows XP.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Click the "Start" button,

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How Do I Delete a File That Won't Delete?
by Brazen in Computers
If a particular file that you're trying to delete won't remove itself from your computer's hard drive, this means the file is in use by some program on your machine. You can't delete a file if it is currently being accessed. Instead of going to the trouble of finding which open program or background process is using a particular file (it can be quite difficult to do so if it isn't immediately appa

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