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Inject different repository depending on a querystring / derive controller and inject the repository depending on the controller type / ASP.NET MVC
by bhupesh in ASP & ASP.net

I have a search form that can search in different provider.
I started out by having a base controller

public SearchController : Controller
protected readonly ISearchService _searchService
public SearchController(ISearchService searchService)
_searchService= searchService;
public ActionResult Search(...)

How to get key depending upon the value from hashmap
by Virginia in Programming Languages

I want to retrieve the specific key associated with the value in a hashmap

I want to retrieve the key of "ME", how can I get it?

Code snippet :

HashMap<Integer,String> map = new HashMap<Integer,String>();

Conditional CSS depending on OS
by akr in Web Design

I know there is conditional CSS by browser but I'm interested to see if there is conditional CSS by OS. Here is my motivation:

I developed a website using custom fonts via CSS3. The font looks beautiful on all browsers running on Mac OSX but look horrendous on all browsers running on Windows. I know this is due to the fact that OSX and Windows renders fonts differently.

how to add css property for a tr depending on td
by YooperDave in Web Design

i want to apply class to tr depending on td cell value in a table .

my html

<table class="k-focusable">
<th>Favorite color</th>
<th> status</th>

How to display the first row, depending on a value
by vyazkov in Databases

I am supposed to build a query that displays if a product passed quality test the first time. for example if product# 1234 fails the first test then don't display the value. I am running SQL Server 2005. I am thinking maybe using a COALESCE statement, or case when statement, any help would be appreciated. here is some sample data:

product# test result datetime

Fade in and out depending on div id
by dreampunchboy in Programming Languages

I have a jquery code to distinct between two divs

$("#addresslink").click(function() {
var id = this.id;
if(id == "addressdiv")
$('#' + id).fadeIn(300);
$('#' + id).fadeOut(250);
TAGS : Fade depending

CSS expresion depending on text
by seph87 in Web Design

I have a paragraph like this

<p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, /* consectetur adipiscing elit. */ </p>

I want to have a CSS class that have a different font color for the text between /* and */
Thanks for help!

how to change the value to a name depending on case
by Kumar Anand in Programming Languages

i've created a select button with 3 option

<%= f.label :prioridad %><br/>
<%= f.select :prioridad, options_for_select([['Alta', 1], ['Medio', 2], ['Baja', 3]]) %>

The value gets inserted to the DataBase but when i display it i see the number op the option selected (which is correct).

What i would like to know is how i can c

css on a class depending on what is contained
by George Garchagudashvili in Web Design

I have a share point calender and i want to color code difrent blocks depending on what reg number they contain (its for a school's minibuses)

How do i set the background color of .ms-cal-eworkday if a.ms-cal-tweekitem contains "EF04 WTR"

I need to do this in js/jquery as i don't have the abity to edit the aspx (council politics)

Each entry looks like this.

CSS not displayed depending on page
by kamyar in Web Design

I have a friend that has a really strange issue with my website. When he clicks on http://www.copeo.fr/ the page displays fine but when he clicks on a link like www.copeo.fr/user/ the CSS is not applied even after a refresh. The raw html does display.

I asked him to display the CSS that is hosted on amazon S3 hcopeoressources.s3.amazonaws.com/style/futurvert/style.css and it displa

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