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Inject different repository depending on a querystring / derive controller and inject the repository depending on the controller type / ASP.NET MVC
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have a search form that can search in different provider.
I started out by having a base controller

public SearchController : Controller
protected readonly ISearchService _searchService
public SearchController(ISearchService searchService)
_searchService= searchService;
public ActionResult Search(...)

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Fade in and out depending on div id
Category : Programming Languages

I have a jquery code to distinct between two divs

$("#addresslink").click(function() {
var id = this.id;
if(id == "addressdiv")
$('#' + id).fadeIn(300);
$('#' + id).fadeOut(250);

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How to get key depending upon the value from hashmap
Category : Programming Languages

I want to retrieve the specific key associated with the value in a hashmap

I want to retrieve the key of "ME", how can I get it?

Code snippet :

HashMap<Integer,String> map = new HashMap<Integer,String>();

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how to add css property for a tr depending on td
Category : Web Design

i want to apply class to tr depending on td cell value in a table .

my html

<table class="k-focusable">
<th>Favorite color</th>
<th> status</th>

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Conditional CSS depending on OS
Category : Web Design

I know there is conditional CSS by browser but I'm interested to see if there is conditional CSS by OS. Here is my motivation:

I developed a website using custom fonts via CSS3. The font looks beautiful on all browsers running on Mac OSX but look horrendous on all browsers running on Windows. I know this is due to the fact that OSX and Windows renders fonts differently.

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How to display the first row, depending on a value
Category : Databases

I am supposed to build a query that displays if a product passed quality test the first time. for example if product# 1234 fails the first test then don't display the value. I am running SQL Server 2005. I am thinking maybe using a COALESCE statement, or case when statement, any help would be appreciated. here is some sample data:

product# test result datetime

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Replacing NA's with 1 or 0 depending on position in Row in R
Category : Web Design

I have a few R data frames which contain binary data (0,1) to represent incorrect and correct responses to items on specific subscales. Participants were not asked all questions and have NA to signify this missing data. Older participants started with later items and have NA for early items not asked. Also, most participants did not complete the assessment

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Redirecting webpage in ASP.NET depending on the URL
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I've a domain name called mywebsite.com but I prefer users to access to my website through the www subdomain.

How can I achieve a verification and redirection in asp.net mvc3 easily?

When I was using php I did something like that :

if($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] != "www.mywebsite.com")
header('Location: www.mywebsite.com');


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redirection depending on mysql value
Category : Programming Languages

in mysql I have attendance1 and attendance2 fields. Both can either have value 'yes' or 'no'. If attendance1 is empty then attendance2 will not be and if attendance2 is empty attendance1 will not be. If attendance1 is empty i want it to go to attendance2.

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how to get JSON object depending on it's value
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way to get a JSON object out of a JSON object array depending on its value?

What I've got:

$users = [{"id":1, "name":"Some Name"},
{"id":2, "name":"Another Name"},
{"id":3, "name":"Third Name"}];

And what I want is to pull out the user depending on the id. So I might have an AJAX call that sends in us

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