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Reuse my old Depth-First Tree for a bigger depth while searching the longest path
by scosant in Programming Languages

I'm looking for the longest-path trough a map in a game which is turn based. I got 1s computation time and need to move at that point.

Right now I'm generating the tree every move again.

Is it possible to use my old tree and stack (in which I store the nodes yet to be visited) to get a bigger depth and thus a better result?

For now my SearchClass is based on

Render 2D image (with depth) in OpenGL preserving depth testing
by Robert M in Development Tools & Services

I have an image from an external source (say a software ray tracer) that also has a depth buffer. I want to render that image in an OpenGL scene (which contains several other 3D objects) such that the OpenGL depth buffer is correctly updated, i.e. the image and the other 3D objects should be combined using correct depth testing. Any ideas? A solution without shaders would be nice.

PHP Tree building function breaks when depth = 4 but works when depth <4, why?
by markku in Careers & Job Searching

Frankly this is part of my uni assignment, BUT I have already done quite a bit... so please feel comfortable and keep reading since I am not asking for a cheat sheet or so :)
The project is now deployed on my website

Okay, I might have found the reason just minutes ago:
array_push() fails after pushing many items in an array. Ridiculously small array capacity???


Initializing OpenGL with depth buffer and depth testing
by Bernhard in Programming Languages

I would like to initialize OpenGL with a depth-buffer in a platform independent manner without using GLUT.

How to remove hidden-surface in OpenGL scene using c# wrapper.
I'm not using GLUT so I can't use glutInitDisplayMode.
any idea?

For more details:

I found these steps about Hidden-Surface removal:

Request for z-buffer via glutInitDis

Converting depth buffer into depth texture for GLSL
by skimple in Development Tools & Services

What is the easiest way to get the existing depth buffer into a depth texture, or anything that can be used by GLSL?

Is it possible to make a glsl shader that uses the depth buffer, and use it "as is" without having to modify the the way the original rendering is done (e.g modifying the frame buffer object to also render to an additional depth buffer etc)

OpenGL: Draw a depth texture to depth buffer
by Jimmy G. in Development Tools & Services

I am programming a 2D videogame which may be suitable for almost any Windows system, including older ones. I have my scene drawn and in some point, I am retrieving the color and depth buffer each to its own texture with glCopyTexSubImage2D. I can draw the color buffer again in subsequent frames, but when I try to draw the depth buffer it is drawn as a grayscale color texture. I want it to be wr

Is it possible to extract the player's depth pixels only, out of the depth bitmap?
by nchaimov in Programming Languages

I am new to kinect developing and new to stackoverflow as well!
Here's my situation:

Having a depth camera, I can get the depth data easily. What I want to do is once I detect there is a person (player) exists in front of the camera, I would extract the depth pixels of the player only, and put it onto a transparent background, so that the output is a static image of the depth

Standard Depth Vs. Counter Depth
by Ferzerp in Home & Garden
If you're remodeling a kitchen or building a new one, choosing a refrigerator can be a daunting task. Not only must you decide the brand, features and finish that will work best in your new kitchen, you'll also need to determine whether a standard-depth or cabinet-depth refrigerator is right for you. SizeStandard-depth refrigerators are typically 28.5 inches deep while cabinet-depth versions ar

Copying depth render buffer to the depth buffer
by CookingCoder in Programming Languages

Currently I am rendering some stuff to a FBO with an attached depth render buffer.

However, after I am done with the render buffer, the depth information is pretty much lost.

How can I copy the data from the render buffer to the fixed function depth buffer?

How Kinect depth images are created ? Can simple RGB images can be converted to images like those depth images?
by Jake Levitt in Programming Languages

My primary motive is to detect hand from simple RGB images (images from my webcam ).
I found a sample code find_hand_point

function [result, depth] = find_hand_point(depth_frame)
% function result = find_hand_point(depth_frame)
% returns the coordinate of a pixel that we expect to belong to the hand.
% very simple implementation, we


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