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(database design,mysql) Is my database design good for basic shopping cart?(I new in database design)
by Insert_Nickname in Databases

I new in database design, I want to be sure that i make it well.
Please take a look for part of my database design:

My database design for basic shopping cart:

//table that holds shopping cart items that customer choose(not press checkout and order //them)
id (int)
product_id (int) fk
product_quantity (int)

Design Technique: How to design a complex system for processing orders, products and units
by joth in Programming Languages

Programming is fun: I learned that by trying out simple challenges, reading up some books and following some tutorials. I am able to grasp the concepts of writing with OO (I do so in Ruby), and write a bit of code myself. What bugs me though is that I feel I'm re-inventing the wheel: I haven't followed an education or found a book (a free one that is) that explains me the why's instead of the

How to Convert Table design to Div design keeping same cross browser compatible layout?
by micaleel in Web Design

Is there any guidelines to convert Table design to Div design keeping same cross browser compatible layout?

Design Patterns or Tips for Good Design (Generic) when 'C' is the implementation language!
by orson in Programming Languages

Are there any tips which we should follow for good design when we are considering the 'C' as the implementation language.

I want tips which should be considered because we are using 'C' as the implementation language and not related to the functionality.

Design Principles, Best Practices and Design Patterns for C (or Procedural Programming in general)?
by Ari in Programming Languages

Are there any known design principles, best-practices and design patterns that one can follow while designing a C project? Or useful design principles for procedural (imperative) programming in general?

(I'm child of the 'object-oriented generation' and have to design a large C project for the first time)

multi client database design : is separation by schema a good design?
by joth in Databases

I am designing a multi-client database (think SAS) in SQL server 2008 R2. During my research in this forum I found that segregating cient data using different database is preferred in the long run (when performance becomes an issue).

But I was wondering if for the short term (and for quick startup), is it a good idea to segregate client specific data by creating different schemas i

Domain Driven Design in a Workflow-enabled MVC Application - Design Decision
by demetris in Programming Languages

I'm building an N-Tier MVC 4 Application that implements the Repository and UnitOfWork patterns as well as Domain Driven Design using an abstracted CommandProcessor layer that validates and executes my CommandModels.

I'm beginning to learn Workflow Foundation now and have added a workflow project that handles user registration. At the end of the workflow if everything went through,

PyroCMS - custom module design, clear CSS formating from default design
by bkircher in Programming Languages

I'm creating some custom modules on PyroCMS, and the problem is, that the default design that is inherited from global.css and other default design css files really messes with my new design and makes it harder to create a design for my custom modules.

writing !important on every line doesn't seem like a good option.

Also, I'm trying to add chromatable jQuery plugin, but

how design Domain driven Design with Entity framework codefirst entities?
by Anthony Perkins in Programming Languages

I need to design a windows application with EntityFramework CodeFirst. Previous module was developed with simple CLR objects, Inotification events and enterprise data access block. The component should compute on entity's property change event.

Requirements are

How to handle this with EntityFramework CodeFirst. Because entitycollection is defined as DbSet. So event deleg

how is it possible to design a java based user interface using custom tabbed panes and provide an broswer like design?
by Guid in Java

I had started working on a java based tool that my friend has developed. Now we are working on it together. He has used custom made jpanels and used them in jtabed pane like fashion. Its something like this,(check the link for the screen shot,since i am new user,i cannot post images here)


The problem is that,we want to i

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