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Can an LLC Use an INC Designation?
by Pain999 in Business
Even though a limited liability company (LLC) can be taxed as a corporation, its legal structure remains an LLC, as regulated by state statutes and federal tax regulations. Using the "Inc." designation for the legal name of a company that is not incorporated can violate state law and have unintended tax repercussions. Federal Tax LawOne of the advantages of an LLC is its flexibility. The Intern
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What Is PMP Designation?
by WiseUp216 in Careers & Job Searching
PMP designation is a certification program by the Project Management Institute to prepare project managers for the workplace. To obtain credentials as a project management professional, applicants must complete higher education courses, professional development units and logged work hours as a project manager prior to the PMP exam. Eligibility RequirementsProject managers seeking PMP credential
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How to Use an MBA Designation
by kevotheclone in Education
The MBA designation marks an achievement that you should be proud of, but be careful about throwing it around unnecessarily. Remember, while a Master of Business Administration is an important professional degree, it is not a license or certification. It is also not as highly esteemed as the Ph.D. and M.D. designations. If you plan to use your designation along with your name, limit its use to pro
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What is an MPA Designation?
by Londo_Jowo in Legal
A marine protected area (MPA) is an area designated for protection by governmental authority. The areas are located near coastal or inland waterways and are designed to protect certain plant, animal or geographic structures. FunctionAccording to "National Geographic," the MPA document contains rules that are enforced to protect a number of resources. The areas often include ocean bays, rivers o
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What Is an RA Designation?
by Tim Benninghoff in Careers & Job Searching
The RA designation is part of the designation program of the National Society of Real Estate Appraisers (NSRE). An RA designation means one has qualified as a "Residential Member." NSRE MembershipAccording to the NSRE web site, the RA designation is one of four designations that active members of the society can hold: Candidate Member, Residential Member, Commercial Member and Master Member.
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What Is the SD Card Designation in an LG Vu?
by jwright30 in Electronics
Released in June 2010, the LG Vu Plus is the latest in the Vu cellphone line. It comes with 50MB of onboard memory and a built-in micro-Secure Digital card slot for up to 16GB of expanded memory. The capacity you use to expand the phone's memory -- which is synonomous with data storage in SD card terminology -- is only limited by its 16GB restriction. However, only microSD or microSDHC (high-capac

What Is an RIA Designation in Canada?
by Triumph in Careers & Job Searching
The Registered Industrial Accountant, or RIA, designation no longer exists in Canada. It was replaced by the Certified Management Accountant designation over a period of about ten years. Registered Industrial AccountantsRIA is an acronym that stands for Registered Industrial Accountant. RIAs were professionals trained in preparing and interpreting financial reports for business managers and gov

PMP Designation Requirements
by Javier Pitalua in Education
The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is offered through the Project Management Institute (PMI). This non-profit organization supports the field of project management through offering educational opportunities, certification programs, and academic research. The purpose of the PMP designation is to certify the knowledge and skills of professionals with leadership experience in projec

What Does LLC Mean As a Professional Designation?
by Keeper in Business
Businesses often have the initials LLC after their name on their company letterheads, business cards and forms. Companies form LLCs to protect themselves and their investors from personal liability. MeaningThe acronym LLC stands for "limited liability company." It is a legal form of business, permitted by the state, that grants business owners the benefit of limited liability.Some businesses, s

What Is the Canadian RIA Designation?
by Aaviel in Careers & Job Searching
RIA stands for registered industrial and cost accountant, a professional accountant's designation used in Canada from 1939 to 1985. In 1985, the designation changed to CMA, or certified management accountant. Job DescriptionRIA/CMAs are financial professionals who are trained in accounting and business management skills. Areas of responsibility include strategic planning, information technology

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