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3D Designing
Category : Computers
3D designing is a process by which designers, engineers and modelers use a 3D modeling program to produce a 3D model of an item. The item can then be viewed and considered in the virtual 3D space before any money is spent on actually making the item. Some people are using this process to create a final prototype of a product without then creating any intermediate real world prototype. Other design

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Designing the GUI right
Category : Web Design

Are there some (unwritten) rules, how to design a GUI of an application (Java, C++, etc.)?
For example, the OK-Button at the bottom right, left from it the Cancel-Button... I need just basic things.

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Designing WP7 App
Category : Mobile Programming

I have made one windows phone based application. i want some designing ideas from you wp7 people.how can we apply styles,transparent background or the design which suits wp7 app. may i have some links which provides snaps for good designed apps. please help

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Designing with CSS
Category : Web Design

Consider the following table structure:

<table style="width:150px;">
<td>some dynamicly generated content that can wrap several lines</td>
<td valign="bottom"><img ... /></td>

How do I get this effect using CSS (i.e. that when the content in the first TD t

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What Do You Need for Car Designing?
Category : Careers & Job Searching
While engineers are the professionals who design the parts that make cars function, car designers combine art and engineering to create the plans that determine how a car looks. Car design is an extremely competitive field, so those looking for a job as a designer must meet certain requirements. EducationWhile some employers consider applicants with a bachelors degree in industrial design, incr

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Designing a gui in GWT
Category : Programming Languages

I am learning to design a GUI in GWT
I have RootPanel where i have put all the widgets.

In one panel i have put tree Widget where the treeItems are added on the success of RPC call on the selectionHandler

What I want to do:
When click on treemItem , All the other treeItem and the widgets on the same and different panel should not be selected. Like there is a p

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Designing a better API?
Category : Programming Languages

What are the best practices and patterns to be followed for designing APIs?
How to achieve implementation hiding the best way (C++/Java)?
Designing APIs which are generic in nature?
Any reference books/links which guide with neat examples to beginners?

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Designing this algorithm a better way?
Category : Programming Languages

I am working a much more complex version of this (with vehicle moving in both X and Y directions)

I made this example to get ideas on better ways to accomplish this.

I have a vehicle moving in the X direction at a speed (24.5872 mps)
I am simulating this by incrementing the X value every 100 ms using an executor (To keep its X position more accurate and real time)

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Designing tests against an RCW?
Category : Web Design

Ok, what am I doing wrong or not doing at all, here?

Methods under test:

public iManageWorkspace(ManDMSClass manDms, string server, string database, string userId, string password)
if (manDms == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("manDms");
if (server == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("server");
if (datab

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Designing the jrxml
Category : Web Design

I am passing the list of objects from the jrBeanCollectionDatasource.Now my doubt is how can i design the jrxml so that it displays the list which is there in the jrBeanCollectionDatasource.I think it is clear to understand my problem.

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