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As a team should we develop locally and merge into the dev server, or develop on the dev server?
by Toetee in Web Design

Recently I was tasked with writing up formal procedures for a team based development enviroment. We have several projects with multiple modules each. Right now there are only two programmers, however there are plans to expand to 4-6 programmers. Each programmer will be working on the same project and possibly pages which may cause over writing or error issues.

So far t

How to Develop Chi
by Robby in Culture & Society
Chi, also spelled qi, is an ancient Chinese concept that refers to the energy present throughout the universe. Chi is believed to exist in every living person, but it takes time and focus to learn how to access and develop it. The entire process is long and challenging, and very few people ever master it. It is believed, however, that even small steps towards developing your chi can have great ben
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How Does a Sty Develop?
by Allan in Health
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The Best Way to Develop Abs
by Jesper in Sports & Fitness
Developing six-pack abs can be a real challenge for even the most fit individuals. This is because most of us have a healthy layer of fat covering our already existent six-pack, or rectus abdominis muscle. The key to revealing those muscles is a modified diet, as well as special exercises beyond the traditional crunches or sit-ups. Focusing on developing strong abs takes a big commitment, but the
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How to Develop a PMO
by john3850 in Business
A project management office is a function within a company that helps companies execute strategies in addition to increasing the success of projects. Because projects can overlap and be introduced by many departments they can result in duplication and wasted resources. Resources available for projects tend to be scarce and run the risk of being used on multiple projects at the same time. Linking p
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How to Develop ESP
by DefDC in Culture & Society
There have been many famous psychics in history. Some people considered them frauds, some people worshipped them as Gods and some people demonized them. Whatever their beliefs, most people secretly harbor the wish that they were psychic. Are you one of those people? Wouldn’t it be great to have ESP (extra-sensory perception)? Would you like to be able to read other people’s minds or
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How to Develop Ecotourism
by xSauronx in Business
Ecotourism has great potential to benefit local communities and aid in conservation of natural resources. Ecotourism generally involves drawing visitors to enjoy the natural resources and ecosystems of an area while promoting environmental conservation and community well-being (see reference 1). Examples of ecotourism services include guided hikes into natural areas, naturalist-led kayaking trips

How to Develop IDF Curves
by Tennessee in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curve, or IDF Curve, is used in the fields of meteorology and hydrology to estimate the peak rainfall rate, or intensity, during a storm event. The peak rainfall rate experienced varies with the duration of the storm and the location of the storm on the earth's surface. The probability of a certain rainfall rate occurring in a particular place and time can also b
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How to Develop a Magic Act
by chorn in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Developing a magic act for kids is a simple way to make a party or neighborhood gathering fun and entertaining. Kids are impressed with simple magic, so with a few props and some easy tricks, you can be on your way to an entertaining and engaging show. All tricks will need to be practiced several times to get the movements fluid. Practice in front of a mirror or video tape your rehearsals before
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How to Develop Subordinates
by Meski in Careers & Job Searching
When you are in a leadership position within a business or government organization, you will have subordinates that not only work beneath you, but that you are responsible for training and shaping for possible leadership roles. This is often referred to as developing subordinates or employee development. What you are attempting to develop is their leadership, self-discipline and confidence, as wel


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