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HTML prerequisites for mobile website developpement?
by apaunchev in Programming Languages

What is the most advised doctype for a website optimised for smartphones?
and what are the principal diferences between them.

XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0

"-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN"

or XHTML Mobile Profile 1.1

<!DOCTYPE html P

Legal : What about developpement for a customer and submission themselves Appstore/Playstore
by Sergio Rudenko in Programming Languages

We have been developping an application for a company (without any specific contract). Now, the company has decided to publish (submit) the app in its’s own name as they would have developped the APP themselves. How can we protect ourself legally from that and can we go to court for indemnities for that?



CodeIgniter Production and Developpement server on the same domain. (no subdomain)
by godihatework in Web Design

I googled this many times but now I have to ask it here.

I want to make a workflow for a website for Developpement/Production.

My constraint is that I use Facebook Connect (Facebook Graph now) so I need to have the dev and prod on the same domain and server. (to be able to log in and test the features)

I thought I will edit the CodeIgniter Index.php to redire

Netbeans module developpement: How to benefit the freemarker engin without using a file template module?
by taviso in Programming Languages

I created a "custom wizard" module in Netbeans 7.2 and I want to generate a couple of files using freemarker engine.

I m not using a "file type wizard" (as I dont want the "template" to appear in "New file" dialog)

I tried using @templateRegistration annotation on the wizard action class but cant get the template file.

Is there a way to get for exemple a cust

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