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Is it Possible? app developed in 2.x device with compatibility lib V4 to use native library if device is android 3.x or greater device?
by sinisterDei in Android

Before posting my question. i looked this one stack overflow.and wann know, is it really impossible? i have app developed in android 2.2 with the use of compatibility library v4. which is also compatible with android 3.0 device. and i want my app to use android compatibility library v4 if device is android 2.x and native library if device is android 3.x. any suggestion??

thanks in

App on iPad device loads faster when tethered to xcode vs. slow when run from device's desktop
by Mario Tristan in Network & Servers

I am developing an iPad app which includes a scrollview with quite a few images on it.
I run it on my iPad 2 device in two ways:

Tethered to my Mac and run from xcode - View loads in 1-2 seconds.
Tethered to my Mac but run from the iPad itself (after it has been installed, naturally). Sometimes loads in as much as 6-10 seconds (!!)

All conditions are similar besides

Does APNS add the device token to feedback server if the device is unreachable for a long time?
by kevotheclone in Mobile Programming

If I go abroad for a vacation for a month and my iPhone has no data/Wifi connection or if I have turned off my phone for a long period of time, in both case APNS will not be able to deliver push notification to my iPhone. My question is, will APNS think the device token is "bad", therefore adding it the the feedback server?

Linux Device Driver - How to receive notification of added device when exporting GPIO?
by albenik in Operating Systems

This is my first post to stackoverflow and hopefully this question is appropriate.

I am writing a Linux device driver for a virtual GPIO chip configured with some pins for input and output where some are aliases for physical pins and others are virtual. For the virtual pins, I have a user space application that intends to provide the other half of the virtualization through back doo

In Objective-C in multiplayer Game Center can one device detect once a second device has loaded a screen?
by dreampunchboy in Operating Systems

I have a question regarding sending and receiving data through Game Center when playing a multiplayer game on iOS.

In my game after I matchmake two people, the game is taken to the Game Screen where the user can start playing.

Because the two devices do not load the game screen at the same time (for network reasons), the viewDidLoad function in my first device sometimes

How to find out ALSA audio device capabilities programmatically in Linux without opening the device
by Puffnstuff in Programming Languages

How do I find out the capabilities of ALSA devices without opening the device first? Problem is, I need to supply the parameters to the snd_pcm_open() function to use the test functions which to me is silly. Why ask whether this is a playback or record device if I have to tell it to the open function first?

As an example, I would like to list all playback devices but t

MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT error on Hisense device but working on Sony device
by TheVrolok in Programming Languages

Here is my code :

String folderPath = "/sdcard/BarcodePicture/";
File file = new File(folderPath + "image_" + UniqueID + ".jpg");
Uri outputFileUri = Uri.fromFile(file);
i = new Intent(android.provider.MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE);
i.putExtra(MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, outputFileUri);
startActivityForResult(i, cameraData);

This cod

How to find out the device screen resolution and density to set same UI display on the emulator and device?
by Valentine in Programming Languages

I need to set same UI in both device and emulator (In my application the UI changing in emulator and device)for that i need to know the screen resolution and density of the device . I don't know how to find out that .Let me know how to find out that in device.



Device TabGroup's Tab height in pixels depended from device screen size
by Salikh in Programming Languages

I need to get height of my tab(shown in the picture) in pixels in my app.
I need some information that will help me to know what is height of Tab depended from the screen size. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

Tell the truth I don't need Tab's size in code, I think that each device with same size will have same Tab height, so I want to know what part of screen

Keeping device functionality inside device controller rather than OS kernel. What are consequences?
by CWC in Programming Languages

A friend of mine asked me this question in the class and I could not answer it. He asked:

Since we know kernel controls the physical hardware via device drivers. What if all this functionality is kept inside the device controller itself rather than kernel managing them. What would be the consequences of such scenario? Good or Bad?

I searched online for this question bu

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