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jquery ui dialog doesn't call $.get inside dialog afeter first close of the dialog
by Finland in Programming Languages

I have a jquery ui dialog and inside of it I have another one

and before opening the one on the inside I call $.get to receive the html for it

if I open the first dialog and close it then open it again and try to open the dialog on the inside the html received from $.get doesn't get set

<script type="text/javascript">

Displaying second dialog from button click in first dialog closes first dialog
by Navin in Programming Languages

In my app, I'm using an AlertDialog with a custom view. This view contains a couple of EditTexts and a few other things. There are some listeners attached to the EditTexts that perform whatever functionality is needed.

On the button click of the dialog, I am performing some validation on the data entered into the EditTexts and di

circumventing ui-dialog .dialog() conflict with mobile .dialog()
by Surya in Programming Languages

I am one of those that is trying to use both jquery-ui and jqm. Things are working except when I try to use the jquery-ui dialog.

The call to


goes to jquery mobile's dialog, when I include jquery-mobile.js. I am interested in using the ui-dialog and NOT jquery mobile dialog.

After a little research, I see

jquery ui dialog, open new dialog and close dialog behind
by LeeFlannery in Web Design

My Site has a footer that open 4 different dialogs and load content to them from independent pages.

The footer pages can be opened independently if you enter them from search engine or type the url.

I have a function that opens the footer dialogs:

function FooterPopup(){

JQuery UI Dialog: Called in focus event but element not focused after closing dialog
by Vasiliy in Programming Languages

see Title. I'm showing a Jquery UI modal dialog to the user in the focus event of an Input element. When the dialog is closed I want that input to be focused. This does not happen. It seems that calling the dialog in the focus event prevents the focus from happening.

The dialog is shown when the user must select from multiple values. These values are fetched via ajax with a paramete

Eclipse RCP Dialog: Large Text box won't scroll - instead creates a huge dialog window!
by Piercarlo Slavazza in Programming Languages

I've been banging away at this for a while now and I can't seem to get anywhere. I've tried all of the examples I can find online and nothing seems to work! I haven't been able to find much on this problem which leads me to think I'm missing something basic. . .

In my Eclipse RCP program I want to display a dialog that will show a list of errors that occurred while loading a data fi

jQuery UI - Dialog passing custom effect options to the dialog for show and hide
by Piercarlo Slavazza in Web Design

The Dialog widget in jQuery UI has a hide and show options that you can pass the name of effect you want it to run on show and hide events.
some of the events have extra options like { direction: down } for drop or slide effects but I can not find a way to pass these options to the Dialog widget.

do you know how to do this?

Jquery UI Dialog - Passing Dynamic Variable and changing dialog form html
by dougbeal in Programming Languages

I have a upload document dialog created with jqueryUI that works great, but I need to add it to a page with multiple tabs, and rotate the default document type in the drop down box as well as change a hidden value in the form that is used by the form validation (primarily to return to the correct tab after upload).

I could just create a dozen of these slightly re-named at the bottom

Jquery UI: Dialog launched from button on a tab briefly shows the dialog, then closes it and opens the 1st tab
by Wilson Mar in Programming Languages

I'm pretty new to jquery, and I'm having a problem I can't seem to fix.

So, I have some Jquery UI tabs. On the second tab I have a button that when clicked is supposed to launch a dialog.
I previously had some accordions with this same code and it worked fine.

The behavior goes as follows, on IE, Chrome, and FF: The dialog briefly appears when the button on the sec

JQuery File upload dialog not returning back to dialog from MVC Controller action
by Tim Benninghoff in Programming Languages

I have an ASP.NET MVC app which uses a jquery ui dialog for file upload. Everything is working fine with loading the dialog with the correct content and displaying the dialog on my click event however my issue is that after I process the action in my controller action method I don't return back to my dialog as I would expect an ajax like call to behave. My dialog is a form whose "method=post".

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