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C# Dictionary Clear() clears dictionary in dictionary
by Andrew S. in Programming Languages

So I got C# foreach loop which goes like this

foreach(Type s in source)
dic1.Add(Key1, s.Attr1);
dic1.Add(Key2, s.Attr2);
dic1.Add(KeyN, s.AttrN);
dic2.Add(ind, dic1);

It gets the values and sets them correctly, no problem in that.
But when the

Firefox Extension intercepting dictionary action “add word to dictionary”
by mvonballmo in Programming Languages

I am looking for a firefox extension solution to intercept a firefox dictionary action:

When a user chooses the action "add word to dictionary" i want to modify that word before it gets inserted into the user's down dictionary file persdict.dat .

Is this possible? And how can it be done?
Is there anything special i need to take care of when writing my own extension

How do I use Linq ToDictionary to return a dictionary with multiple values in the dictionary items?
by itsmegb in Programming Languages

I want to group items from a linq query under a header, so that for each header I have a list of objects that match the header title. I assumed the solution would be to use ToDictionary to convert the objects, but this allows only one object per "group" (or dictionary key). I assumed I could create the dictionary of type (String, List Of()), but I can't figure out how to write it.


python trick needed to convert dictionary of functions into dictionary of results
by Itchrelief in Programming Languages

I am currently blank on how to do this in an effective way.I thought about using objects but I don't see how they could help in this case. Any ideas?

from random import choice
from copy import deepcopy
def main():
def rand_int():
return choice(['yes', 'no'])
# any nesting, functions possible
spec = {
'answer': rand_in

Hunspell - Can't open affix or dictionary files for dictionary named en_US
by tl1000sv in Web Design

I'd like to use hunspell to spell check my repo. However when I try to run it I get the following error:

Can't open affix or dictionary files for dictionary named "en_US".

How can I fix this? I'm on a Mac.

Thanks, Kevin

Dictionary Comprehension: How do we build a dictionary with integers as keys and tuples as values?
by James Clarke in Programming Languages

I have a list of data and they are formated like this: (have more lines below are just part of them)


Is it possible to extend the Android Dictionary function, or set up a new Dictionary that will scan an EditText for keywords?
by BofRA in Android

In my Android application, I would like to implement functionality such that when the user types the name of a number ('zero', 'one', 'two', 'three'...) into an edittext, they are able to click that word to bring up an information page about that number.

The functionality I'm looking for would work very similarly to the current spell checker: a word is identified and highlighted, wh

How do I pass a dictionary object to jinja2 where the dict.keys are the tokens are the dictionary values are what I want to display?
by Megatomic in Programming Languages

I am a GAE/Python newbie. I am trying to render a jinja2 template where the template values are in a dictionary object. I would like to do something like this:

some markup {{ dict['token001'] }} some more markup {{ dict['token002'] }} etc.

whereby token001and token002 are the values of keys in the Dictionary.

I am thinking the call would look s

Calling a function from a dictionary, dictionary in imported settings file
by dmxlite in Programming Languages

So I have a dictionary with a bunch of names that I use to call functions. It works fine, but I prefer to put it in my settings file. If I do so, though, I will get errors from the settings file saying that there are no functions by that name(even though I'm not calling them at the time). Any workarounds?

def callfunct(id, time):
#stuff here
def callotherfunct(id, t

parser to convert .net dictionary or list to VBA's equivalent dictionary or collection
by evgen_povt in Programming Languages

i have to pass the .net dictionary or list type of object to VBA.
but when i am passing the .net dictionary at VBA side i am not able to see the elements of dictionary on .net side.

My code in C#

Dictionary<string,object> dict = new Dictionary<string,object>();
dict.Add("First", "1");
dict.Add("Second", "2");
dict.Add("third", "3");

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